Ok guys here is an update.

The server was moved and it seems the machine it was moved onto was simply not up to the job. I now need to upgrade to a new server which is going to cost an extra 50 bucks a month. However the time it is going to take to rebuild the server is the main issue. On the good news front as far as I can tell the forum backup is intact and so we should not lose any forum posts, at worst we will lose 24 hours worth.

For those that don't know I am a single parent to my 3 children these days. I also work full time. This means that the web site, although very dear to my heart, is quite low priority. It does not help that as the server went down my ex decided that she wants to try to get the house. Fortunately the kids told her outright that they don't want to live with her, they want to stay with me. This has meant that she has dropped the idea of getting custody (for now). As you can imagine it's been a very tough few weeks, actually it's been a very tough year.

My main focus in the very short term is spending this weeks school holiday with my kids at our caravan in Clacton. My next focus is going to be trying to secure my house for my kids future. My ex is willing to sign it over to me now so that she can get a place off the council but that is going to be costly and pointless if she can still take the house (or rather force me to sell it) as part of the divorce settlement.

In the background I will be trying to get the site back online particularly for the hosted sites like Cougar World and eBattalion, the latter of which I am very concious of how important it is to the people that use it while their loved ones are deployed.

FW has had a good run over the last 10 years and I don't intend it to end here, but it is going to be a bumpy road for a while.