The coolest thing is my belt, in which my grandfather returned from the Uprising in late October 1944, going through the hills to avoid Germans.

No doubt. thumbsup

As compared to ACW, as you might suspect we rely more on replicas. Not surprising, as the availability of originals are practically non-existent in this day and age. Though traditional methods and materials are used in the manufacture thereof.. The closest we ever got to original was where the leader of our battery group had an original spoked wheel for a gun used in the Spanish-American War. circa 1898.

But the main point should be sharing our interest in history, fun and good show for audience, which can learn in this way about forgotten local history.

This was always my philosophy as well. I don't think you have to be 100% decked to the nines to be convincing. For example, there were those who would complain of the use of CSA buttons in the manufacture of uniforms as opposed to some you might find on a local militia homespun. That wasn't something that ever bothered me that much.

It's a Game. smile