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Tell me about your uniforms and accoutrement. Where do you get it? How period correct does your average Czech Army re-enactor get?

I know as a ACW re-enactor we had quite a few button counters.wink

Slovak WWII Army had uniforms and equipment identical to Czechoslovak pre-war standard, except transition from shoulder to collar patches and new state symbol on belt and cap.
For Slovak WWII reenactment, we use either Czechoslovak army uniforms from 50ties, or recently good replicas are being made in Czech republic. Old Czechoslovak 50s uniforms are very similar to the pre-war ones, but their color is more dull grey-green + some minor differences.. and yes, they have 5 buttons instead of correct 6 biggrin

My bread bag is reworked afterwar Czechoslovak army stuff, ammo pouches are leather replicas made in Czech, bag is repaired original from 1938, bayonet is original, field shovel maybe from Austria-Hungary empire, shoes are Soviet ones from 60ties, leg wraps are replicas, helmet metal is original but repainted with replica leather string. Czechoslovak rifle model 24 is from 1938, able to fire blanks only (no special permission needed for it yet). The coolest thing is my belt, in which my grandfather returned from the Uprising in late October 1944, going through the hills to avoid Germans.
Stuff can be bought mostly on internet auctions or traded between members of military history clubs.
Inevitably, "button counters" have appeared sooner or later and quality of equipment is a subject of competition between local military history clubs. But the main point should be sharing our interest in history, fun and good show for audience, which can learn in this way about forgotten local history.

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