I flew my third campaign mission last night - this is starting to get good...I learned a couple things.

The BRACKETS button is important because that's the easiest way to tell which of the TAC screen blips you selected (the yellow one) is which contact in the air. In other words, as you change the yellow from blip to blip on the TAC screen, the brackets jump from aircraft to aircraft in the sky.

You move from friendly blip to friendly blip (the blue ones) with the Next Friend command and from enemy to enemy (red blips) with Next Target (I think it is).

Both the brackets and where the padlock is pointed will jump to the aircraft indicated by the yellow blip.

Eindeckers are sitting ducks for the Strutter. I'm surprised I even ran into them - I expected Halberstadts in June 1916 Flanders (flying with RNAS "C" squad). Things should get tougher in October when Boelke's boys begin to appear in their new Alb DIIs

You must end the game with the END GAME command if you want to claim kills. The quit selection on the CFS3 pink drop down dumps you directly to the main screen. I had no claims on my first two kills because of bypassing the end sequence screens. No matter, I was credited 2 I didn't realize I got the very next mission. All I did was give 'em a burst or two and roll so my gunner could take a crack at them as I zoomed or overshot them. I bet it'll be a gas doing that in a Biff later in the war.

#8) PS: I'm not using my 1,0 BLIP command as the motor sputters impressively as one throttles it down. Landings are a dream if you come in low and slow and stall her as she touches down, then chop the power if not bouncing out of control.

Au revoir en l'air...S!