I've studied the game and think I've figured out which commands I want to use and how to program them into my CH Fighterstick.

I decided to pretty much keep the commands used by CFS3 the same, since the CH software really doesn't care what you map to the buttons. It will be easier than figuring out what new single keystroke to assign to each function, especially when communicating to someone what I've used. This way all we have to do is figure out which commands we want to use.

I decided to keep the 8 way hat switch the way it is by default. It's too tough to discriminate between adjacent positions when there are eight. Right-left-up-down are about all I can reliably select. Here are the commands I think we need most:

Thumb Hat (#3)
up Shft+T TAC Display (toggle on/off)
down Ctrl+Shft+T Cycle TAC Display (range displayed)
left T Cycle TAC Display (objects displayed)
right Ctrl+Shft+L Aircraft Labels (toggle on/off)

Left Hat (#1)
up Tab Next Target (TAC dot changes color, padlock keys on that contact)
down Shft+Tab Prior target
left Ctrl+Shft+F4 Toggle Player/Target View*
right Ctrl+Tab Next Friend**

(*not sure - have to try it but hopefilly goes back & forth between own view and closeup of selected contact. **not sure - have to try but hopefully works like "F" key in RB3d))

Right Hat (#2)
up F6 Go to Pilot Seat (cockpit views ahead, sights, down & up)
down F4 Next View (cycles available views*
left [ Zoom In (also works in views other than cockpit)
right ] Zoom out (also works in views other than cockpit)

(*- not completely sure how they get selected but can learn by flying I think)

Pinkey button

B "`" (Accent) Padlock View (Toggle)

Thumb Button

B 1,0 (repeating list) 10% power, 100% power "Blip" switch

Au revoir en l'air...S!