Hello LeHeureux, S!
good to see you, i take it you are the Heureux from the RB3d forums ? :-).

The pre-programmed keys from MS's CFS3 are a chore, you have to be an octopus at least to decrease engine mixture via 3 keys in the middle of a dogfight lol.

Biggest change from RB is the panning exterior view with the coolie hat, instead of pressing a joystick button, and then move the stick. There was a mod from LaserGabi (?) to use the mouse in RB3d, but unfortunately THIS does not work in OFF - yet.
From within the plane the coolie hat lets you see in all directions (like the arrow keys at the number pad), with instant coming back to forward when releasing the "hat". If you want a view to stay, press "scroll" so that the light on your keyboard (scroll lock) is on, that way the view you chose stays when releasing the hat. You can accelerate the speed of panning from the cockpit, in changing the number in a file - don't know which it was now - anyone ?
As well you can move up, down, forward and backward in the cockpit, and sideways with the appropriate key commands. Then there is Track-IR, so if you move your head the tracker will display the part of your plane you look at, so no need for the Arrows or coolie hat any more.

The key commands:
Press "Esc" when in Quick flight, mission or campaign screen, and a menu will appear - click at controls and a new window with the key commands will appear. Here you can look for each command and what it does, and as well edit it to your liking - indeed every key command can be programmed to what you like - i switched all this to the RedBaron commands/controls since i am used to it wink

All control commands are stored in the "mine.xca" file, residing in the main OFF directory or so i think. You can change anything you like, BUT: Do NOT - NEVER change the following key commands: "Ctrl-Shift-E and Ctrl-Shift-R" !! Those commands accelerate and decelerate the time in game, and once changed to something else you will not be able to get this time functions back, without a complete new install of the sim.

As an example: I use F1 for cockpit forward view, F2 for exterior view, F3 for following/chase view, F8 for observer station, F12 for bomb view and so on. As well i changed the cutting-off for the fuel mixture, from the standard "Ctrl-Shift-F6" to a simple "^". As well i use magnetoes on with "Shift-M", and off with "Ctrl-M", engaging the starter is "Ctrl-S" and so on.

Pressing "T" or "Shift-T" will open the target radar screen - you will unfortunately need this. Take it as a compensation for the lacking view on your computer screen compared to what you have in reality. When there are some dots representing planes in your vicinity , you can mark a dot, and cycle the mark along the other dots, and then switch to a view at that dot, and vice versa looking at your plane from the marked one. I guess it was F4 with RB ? But you can program it as you like.