Hi Hank,
I went to summer camp, instead of Woodstock, but one of the guys in our troop was into shortwave radio and piped a lot of it in for us. I was the junior assistant scoutmaster that summer, and did consider going to Woodstock, but we had a huge troop, over 75 boys, and decided to hang with them to help the scoutmaster. Several buddies went, one of whom never returned. No one ever heard from him again, and it has always made me wonder both what happened to him and if I had gone would I be missing too. I'm kind of a hold over, in current appearance, but get a wild hair and cut it all short occasionally, usually in the middle of July. It's great to be able to just stick your head under a hose to cool off. That mower is too fast to drink much beer and operate unless you can stand the bouncing and quick turns. It is like a quarter horse in a barrel race, it'll turn right out from underneath you!

Have you seen the Arrow? WWW