Here's the aerodynamic version of yours truly that haunts the Toronto core throughout the summer:

Just in case some of you have available daughters, I enjoy long walks on moonlit beaches, romantic dinners clouded in the mist of scented candle light, jazz, and reading poetry. I also play guitar. My hobbies include various charity work such as clothing and feeding the homeless, caring for injured animals, and reading to blind children undergoing cancer treatment at Sick Kids Hospital. I also donate my hair so that these children may have luscious, full heads of hair; it's rather unfortunate that they're blind.

Of course, I'm not all work and no play. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting retirement homes and playing bridge, or simply just listening to the stories they have to share. Relaxing for me is sitting on the couch and sharing my own thoughts and feelings, hearing about a woman's day, then cooking her a fabulous meal while we watch "Top Chef", "Top Designer", "Grey's Anatomy", and reruns of "Sex and the City" (especially those). At the end of the day, I give her a foot-rub before we foreplay our way to the bedroom, where of course, I've scattered rose petals. But I don't mind if she has a headache, as I appreciate the rigors she has faced being a woman in a man's world.

By the way, I also have some real estate that I think you may be interested in wink