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My father was in the U.S. Army,in the Korean War.He's 82 now,and still has the occasional nightmare.
Thanks for the thanks-you are welcome.

The main reason that South Korea is a thriving republic these days is men like you and your father. I hope he can at least find some solace in that fact. My family's village was in the direct path of the Marines' landing at Inchon and subsequent thrust to Seoul. The Marines are revered because their liberation of the village marked the last battle the villagers experienced though the war dragged on for two more years. The food and medical supplies provided by the U.S. armed forces also prevented starvation during those times.

Isn't it weird that a peninsula can get so cold in the winter and so hot in the summer? Korea is a geographical oddity.

A funny anecodote: My family members who grew up during the time of the war loved the U.S. Army and Marines. But they feared the U.S.A.F. because the planes seemed to bomb everything without rhyme or reason. After observing the reactions of the ground pounders to Close Air Support, they were perplexed to see that EVERYONE feared the U.S.A.F. hahaha

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