"I didn't know you served over there, REB. I used to live a bit to the north and east of Osan for a while in the 70s--a bit too close to the DMZ for comfort. I thank you for your service."

Hi Shan-I was actually stationed at Kadena AB,Okinawa.
We had an Alert Duty commitment to Osan AB,Korea.
We kept 3 F-15C's fully loaded at all times-AIM-7's,AIM-9's,and 920 rounds of 20 mike-mike for the Gatling gun,if memory serves.
The North would periodically violate the airspace over the DMZ,in order to test our response time.
I'd imagine we may have done the same to them,as well.
My father was in the U.S. Army,in the Korean War.He's 82 now,and still has the occasional nightmare.
Thanks for the thanks-you are welcome.