I just installed Phase 2 and I cannot run the game on a Core2 any more.

I get "cannot load mission" every time.

I installed only OFF 1.0, OFF Videos and OFF 1.9 + 1.9 hotfix. XP is a virgin, SP3 is installed. I did not install the skins which I dont have anymore. I though they were optional?

Other details: German XP, SP3, Regional set to English (USA). I already installed msstdfm.dll.

Pretty frightening if installation doesnt run at all, though for a freeware mod it's acceptable. But this must get 10x better for the pay addon or the makers will be in deep trouble. I will wait until I have positive report that the installation process is working differently next time.

EDIT: It seems to run now, maybe because I hadnt rebooted often enough or because I had to create a new pilot after the change of language, who knows ..

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