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And at Gettysburg..

At Gettysburg! Cool! Last time I was there was a lot of fun and quite the learning experience. I have family that are on the PA Monument there. When I told my driver that, he told me if I could point them out on the Monument he'd give me a tour like none he'd given before. He took me to the Monument straight away, I showed him their names, and I was in for a treat! Their unit was at Little Round Top and wow, just wow, the tour I got. Hope yours was as good Weas!

Dude, Little Round Top is my favorite area, and the back side where the 20th Maine held the flank up to running out of ammo and fixing bayonettes...and still held. I've been to Gettysburg about three or four times and I still get chills. My wife's dad is buried at Gettysburg National Cemetary (WWII and Korean War vet). What was really cool was last time when I took my 14 year old daughter. She'd just learned about the Civil War in school so she was actually interested...yay!

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