I am grateful for all the wonderful free Red Baron enhancements enjoyed over the years and am reluctant to complain about the difficulty I am experiencing finding out how to get started with OFF, especially as I am aware that many of the same talented people I already owe thanks to are the same people creating OFF.

That said, I spent several hours scanning the OFF website and Sim Outhouse OFF forum without finding a thread describing recommended system requirements for OFF or a basic tutorial for OFF newbies. I'm lucky if I can find time to fly in tournment games with my RB squad and can't pore over 256 pages of topics at a forum to learn about the next game I'll probably fall in love with.

So far I've learned I should buy the $25 cd version of CFS3 at Amazon rather than the $10 dvd version for XP only. That discovery took a couple hours. Is there somewhere I can "read up" on optimal system/hardware requirements and the steps needed to install and play this great new game?

I would have posted at Sim-Outhouse but my Email address leheureux <at> hotmail.com was rejected. I just got a message that allowed me to register manually, but am not able to post there yet. S! Hex

Au revoir en l'air...S!