What I'm saying is anything a PC can handle in terms of inputs a console will be able to do. Dumbing down is the wrong terminology. We must remember that the console is a computer it is limited by it's CPU and GPU not what it's controller can do. A console standard controller is designed the way it is because that is what is required, those same controllers plug into a windows box. People here are talking about "dumbing down" based on what a controller can do or not do. That is not a real issue. What is an issue is the processing/graphic output of a console, but that is getting better. Any dumbing down would be on graphics and the complexity a console could handle.

What is manageable is not debatable and wont vary. Most games can be ported and the content edited to produce acceptable playability. We will have no say in what we find acceptable. But then again the developer of the product can make those decisions knowing that it will work across the whole of his customer base, because everyone has the same kit.