I'm with you fly, but none of that is modeled in a flight sim. KotS hasn't mentioned it either. Although IIRC there was mention of them looking at drum reloading. We could also apply that thinking to WWII, grabbing the stick with the left hand while furiously pumping the gear up on take off, all the time trying not to wing over. For what is required for a WWI sim compared to a WWII or Jet sim, based on what we have available now, a WWI sim would definitely require less inputs.

While it is a good idea to model all the physical sides of flying it is not possible. Although I haven't flown a WWII combat aircraft, it has been likened to a formula one car. To fly a WWII aircraft required quite a lot of strength and endurance too. The G-Forces would leave a pilot absolutely drained after a dogfight, many pilots lost a lot of weight during the summer of 1940.
In short as to the dumbing down of anything, remember the limitations of any controller on a console lie purely with the controller or the game, not the console.