XBox office...that'll never happen. Just like MSOffice will never get on my "gamebox", nor will any media. I have a laptop with office and a mediacenter for media. My game PC does nothing but games.

XBox is a cpu/gpu/ram/hdd/dvd-rom in a it's a PC, you can get an OS to install on it. Some of the Linux people have managed to get Ubuntu on them.

The only difference between and Xbox and my PC is that my cpu is twice as fast, my graphics are twice as fast, my HDD is twice as big if not more, because I've got watercooling it's half as noisy as an XBox \:\) and it's getting near 10 times as expensive!!. Other than that they are the same animal. I turn it on hit an Icon (IL2 Stab) and play a game. I finish I turn it off. 99% of my browsing/email are done on a laptop while sitting in a big comfy chair in me living room. XBox is a PC and my PC is an XBox how ironic.

BTW Dart will do the job for your printer.