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A PS3 port that recognized my flight sim HOTAS setup plugged into the USB hubs would pretty well wrap up any use I had for Windows anymore. I plan to spend just about all my gaming time on KOTS when it comes out.

Updates can be downloaded for the system. Perhaps user mods deemed of certain quality or campaigns could be given to the devs and then packaged as an update?

Perhaps a custom peripheral package? It worked for Mechwarrior with that 3-way control set. ;\)

As long as it isn't dumbed down to accommodate consoles I'm all for it. Could be the first serious sim released for any recent console. Ace Combat does not count, sorry (although the graphics are something special).


I agree, the PS3 recognizes alot of devices that are originally not meant for it, I`m almost completely sure my Rudder and Joystick could be plugged in as well. (Though I dont have a ps3 right now, but it is ordered and should be here sometime next week.) A buddy of mine even installed network drivers for a different kind of network that he uses (Which utilizes normal power contacts in the wall.) And even though the software was meant for windows, it worked straight away.

All in all, I see some potential for atleast a PS3 (Unless 360 also possesses the same kind of feature.) And perhaps make the game unplayable unless you have a joystick (Which would eliminate the quick controls and reflexes that a console gamer normally has.) But as everybody mentions, first priority is have the game out at all. Just thought I`d toss in my 2 cents, thats all.