Has this already been discussed?

If the PC version of this game is a success, I think a good direction to take would be to try to port it to a console. I know a lot of the flight sim market is for PCs, but from what I've been reading, less and less game developers in general are willing to release games on the PC because of the rampant piracy and loss of sales. They're turning their focus to consoles, where it's less easy to pirate games (unless you have a modded console). This also makes it much harder for cheaters to use hacks. I was reading a Red Baron 3D forum for active flyers, and even after 10+ years, they are still complaining about people using hacks in tournaments. That's really sad to me.

It's true that the graphics won't be nearly as good as on a PC, but if done right I think it will look good enough. Check out the high quality trailer for the very popular Ace Combat 6 for the Xbox 360:


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If the online multiplayer is done correctly, it could really be a hit. You might even be able to add some sort of ranking system where you can get unlockable weapons or equip your plane with different weapons. I'm thinking of the system Call of Duty 4 has in place, for those who have played it. The idea is that as you play and skill up, there's incentive to keep playing for new types of weapons and gear, which you can customize and select before battle.

I confess that maybe this is just a selfish post, since I'll probably be buying an Xbox 360 in a couple of weeks \:\) I also need to upgrade my computer, but it seems to me that more and more games are turning to the consoles, for better or worse, and I've got to get a console myself to keep up with the games. Plus I won't have to worry about my hardware specs - I've never been able to afford a top-of-the-line computer anyhow.

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