Wow!!! Very, VERY cool!
I've seen several pics of guys that have built the shell but they leave alot of the panels "drawn in". To see one this complete and functional, is a real treat!

Wait a minute!.....Michi???
Are you the same programmer that created FAST? (The Falcon-SIOC bridge.)
If so, I kneel before you, humbled by your greatness. Your name has been mentioned, as just the guy we need to talk to....

By "we", I mean the small group of rotor-head pit builders, that are designing pits around EECH. (My Comanche pit is posted above.)
I don't know if you follow EECH's development but one of our devs (Retro) created a shared memory/data export utility called CommServer. It's currently being used for exporting the data to UDPSpeed gauge sets. (See DickDastardly's post above.) However, it should be able to work well with SIOC, too....if someone could figure out how to make the bridge. Unfortunately, my/our skills lie in fabrication, not programming. And most of our devs are not pit builders, so their interests are on other things.

We could REALLY use your help with it. I, for one, would love to be able to have my upper panel's warning lights and stealth indicator responding correctly.
Is there any chance that FAST could be modified, to work with EECH? (EEST maybe??? Enemy-Engaged-Sioc-Transfer.)
There was even talk of collectively paying someone to do it, so if money is a motivator.... I'm not above begging, bribing, or blo....uhhhhh,... well, at least begging or bribing. \:D

Grizzly's Comanche Simulator
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