GADGET: the SHAR manual was contribution of a Sea Harrier veteran who told me to keep his name in secret. Mirage, Skyhawk etc are easily found at the Kiwi online flight manuals website. Chris Kasie is also contributing with extracts from AV-8A (Harrier Gr.1) flight manual which are handy as performance is essentially the same for Harrier Gr.3 and not too far from SHAR as well.

Pablo Diez: yep I was aware, indeed the movie make your country's army look bad as it's shown during whole movie in retreat or being slaughtered - but it's indeed a visually stunning movie and for me it was worth alone for the scene of the Sea Harrier rockets attack and the .50 caliber response from the soldiers - although it was a Sea Harrier with a white belly! not used in the conflict, they were all 'charcoal' painted up and down during the travel south! (nit-picking! ;))

Baco: Thanks for the link, I've updated the books list! There's also a brazilian book in two volumes, written by a brazilian general, it's very good and ubiased, it's obligatory lectured in officer's academies here, it's a very important subject for the armed forces here because a)Brazil and Argentina have similar sized armies b) very close frontiers c)last modern war with comparable forces on both sides, including navy and carriers and all that in both sides, unlike Iraq, Bosnia...the name of the book is "Conflito das Malvinas" I've bought in Mercado Libre it seens quite rare too.

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