RAF Harrier Ground Attack Falklands by Jerry Pook

Diario de Guerra del Radar Malvinas, by Mr. Miguel Angel Silva, about the TPS-43 radar installed in the islands and was used to guide the air attacks over the fleet, warning about SeaHarrier CAPs, helped with the release of the ground-based Exocet that hit HMS Glamorgan, was damaged by a Shrike in Black Buck 5 but repaired and back to work until end of the war.

FALKLANDS THE AIR WAR by BURDEN, Rodney A, et al, a comprehensive study of air combat during the 1982 Falklands War. Every detail is included in this history with illustrations throughout in the form of photographs, drawings, three-view drawings of aircraft, and even a small colour section of the squadron crests.

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Desde El Frente (From the Front) a detailed account about the intervention of the BATALLN DE INFANTERA DE MARINA N5 (translation would be 5th MARINE INFANTRY BATTALLION), in Malvinas (Falkland) Islands, in 1982. Written by the commander of the battallion and the collaboration of his Encargado de Batalln (it is roughly the person in charge of the battallion). Spanish only as far as I know.

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Air War in the South Atlantic, by Ethell and Jeffrey L., with first-hand accounts from both British and Argentian pilots.:

Hostile Skies, by David Morgan, my favourite Sea Harrier book, it is not as technically in-depth as Ward's book but is more tense and dramatic:

Sea Harrier over the Falklands, by commander Nigel 'Sharkey' Ward, technically in-depth and also a good read:

Dios y los Halcones, ('God and the Hawks'), by Comodoro Pablo Marcos Rafael Carballo, in '82 was commanding officer of argentinean Grupo 5 de Caza, responsible for heavy losses inflicted in the Task Force, like HMS Coventry and the Fitzroy attack:

Unfortunately only in spanish language and so far released only in Argentina, together with its 'brother' book Halcones de Malvinas, it's the most comprehensive and complete account of the air war through the argentinean pilots perspective - Halcones also is built like a series of chronicles describing missions from A-4 Skyhawk pilots, as well as Mirage V Dagger, Pucar, Camberra, C-130 Hercules, helicopter and even air defense garrisons. I got my copy through a friend who travelled in vacations to Buenos Aires. Seems quite rare outside of South America.

Vulcan 607, by Rowland White, The Epic Story of the Most Remarkable British Air Attack since WWII

Yo fui piloto Aviador Naval, ('I was a naval aviator') by Capitan de Navo(R.E.)Rodolfo Alberto Castro Fox
Also only in spanish language and unseen outside of Argentina so far.

La Guerra Inaudita, by Ruben Oscar Moro (thanks Baco!)

One Hundred Days, by Sandy Woodward (thanks AWL_Spiner!)

Bomb Alley: Falklands 1982, by David Yates

Through Fire and Water: HMS "Ardent", by Mark Higgitt

Four Weeks In May - The Loss of HMS Coventry - "Four Weeks in May is a riveting account of how men prepare for a war they never expected to fight and how they endure its privations, terrors and, finally, its horrors."

Last three books are naval warfare-focused but also on our subject since these warships suffered air attacks during the conflict.

**two interesting books added by forum member Manocruel

Exocet, by author Emilio Villarino, Abril Books S.A.

Los Dos Lados del Inferno ('the two sides of hell'), author Vincent Bramley, Planeta Books S.A.


Royal Air Force official page on the Falklands war:

Official Argentinean Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Argentina) website on the subject:
(in spanish language)

Honor Regained - comprehensive website in english about South Atlantic Conflict


Re-look at the Falkland Islands War: Lessons to be re-learned

Falklandkrieg air power dot at
(in german language, but very complete too)

Interesting posts in this forum, some material is extracted and translated to english from previous mentioned books about argentinean pilots perspective:


Iluminados por El Fuego (Blessed By Fire)
(focused in ground war, drama movie with war frashbacks from a Malvinas veteran. It's a high budget, well rated movie).

1982 Estuvimos Ahi
(It's a low budget movie with the polemical CG scene of the attack on HMS Invincible)


Line of Fire - Goose Green

Line of Fire - the Fall of Port Stanley

Two good documentaries, although focused in the ground war, but worth neverthless.

War In The Falklands - 25th Anniversary

The Falklands War - A Military History (thanks Vince!)

Going Critical: The Sinking of HMS Coventry - a Channel 4 documentary, well made with step-by-step CG re-criation of the attacks by the Zeus and Volcano Skyhawk flights against HMS Broadsword and HMS Coventry which caused its loss.

I will keep the list updated about new material.

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