I thought I'd start a short list of features to share with all of you (against my better judgement - you all know I need every edge I can get over you) which you may or may not be aware of. I decided this was worth starting when Shadow couldn't believe I hosed a MiG with the Blackhawk on NTC.

- Radar HELLFIRE doesn't need an active radar signal to fire on a stationary target in LOAL mode. In LOAL mode, all you need to be is within range and have a target selected on the TSD in order to hit the target. Naturally doesn't work on moving targets.

- DWO Apaches can use RF using the above method, simply track a target with TADS, switch to LOAL and fire. The missile will automatically track the target's last known position.

- CRTL+~ will access every flight's current target data and transmit it to your TSD. This is handy when a player can't send a PFZ to others and a threat needs to be dealt with. Using the RF LOAL method in conjunction with accessing target data is quite handy.

- You can padlock the Blackhawk's door guns by hitting F4 with a target selected. This makes the gun automatically track your current target in a linear fashion. All you have to do is pull the trigger!

- You can sneak up on front line tanks and be in their immediate presence without them attacking you. Doing this, you can line up in a perfect hover behind a tank and fire a 50-100 round burst into their rear end, quickly killing them in the process before they can react. This won't work on T-80s, but it's very effective on that Iranian T-55 copy. If you fired on them beforehand however, you won't have the advantage of suprise.

Anyone else got some features that may/may not be known?