Hey, I just got my EBGames-ordered copies of Wings of War today, and after patching up the available no-CD EXE with Flyby1's no rockets editing, and then adding the file of all the unlocked missions, I took to the skies (thanks to all the WoW-playin' forum guys here too: Cas141, Flyby1, Ivor H, Polovski, and GSharp for getting me real interested in trying WoW)!

This game is a blast! \:D

I flew with a flight of Albatros D.IIIs in an instant action mission against Brisfits, and it was really good dogfighting. First, the sounds are great! The engines over-rev as you dive, the MGs sound good, and even the aerial damage as planes break up is audible! Of course as the other guys have already shown us on the forum here, the graphics are great too! The Alb. has all it's plumbing modeled from the wing radiator, and the cockpits are good too. The game's a visual Tour de Force!

Now even though the aircraft just don't loose any energy from high AOA maneuvering (there seems to be no stall response), they still slow to cuts in the throttle (so there just might be something in the coding that can be tweaked to allow for stall reactions).

Maybe the best news of all (for many of us perhaps) concerns the game's performance on the slowest of the two PCs I tested it on so far..........in the 4 vs. 4 dogfight I mentioned above, with 2X anti-alaising turned on, and triple buffering enabled, while running 1024 X 768 screen res the game performs smooth as silk on a 1 GHz machine with a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 GPU (128 Mb vRAM), and 512 Mb of system RAM. I'm hoping that it'll run on my slower LAN systems also, and will give them a try in a few days.

Bottom line in my opinion........I agree with all the other reviewers here so far, the game looks great, sounds great, runs great, is great fun, and has great potential for becoming more if it's flight modeling could be turned up (dialed down actually) a bit!

At twenty bucks U.S., it's well worth the price! \:\)