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Hey Killdevil ,

I do doubt that we will see much support. However, Ubi owns the rights to Forgotten Battles and 3rd party stuff has made its way into the sim.

I'm sure they will stick with it since they are a small company and it's easier to update than to spend limited resources on something new. I'm here in Fayetteville . Saw your North Carolina Islands and wondered where you were till saw Kill Devil . Took a group of scouts there back in 83 . 9 of them they stayed up all night the first night and I had to drag them up the Lighthouse and Kill Devil hill . They were all hating it cause they were so tired . They said you go see the lighthouse let us sleep . I said we didn't sell Krispy Kreme doughtnuts for 6 weeks to drive 3 hours here to sleep .
You got me. Funny thing is that I spent about a year in Fayetteville during my brief period with the DOD. Lived in a RV at a placed called Lazy Acres. After living there a bit I deemed it Crazy Acres.


I am sure this is all killing you. I dont think there is one of us here that would'nt prefer to be fying KOE. The problem is that the WWI folks have been left to themselves for so long that we will take anything at present. After things went south with KOE I had aspirations of trying to revive the WWI addon for Forgotten Battles (If we could of presented just a few completed models it had a very good chance to see full support...trying to say this in a way that does'nt get me in trouble). THere was no need for it when KOE was close to release, it would have made no sense to the decision makers. So we go from having possibilites to having no possibilites. KOE is set aside but the hunger was not. Along comes WOW and bam its not that bad (atleast as far as I can see).

At present we have no choice, we have to pursue this, it's all there is at the moment that represents a current WWI sim even if it is a bit arcade like. I do agree in that we probably wont see any official support, so we will either have to do it ourselves or wait.