Could it be an idea for the simulation community to try to get in contact with either the developer or publisher of WoW and propose them to make either a realism/simulation patch or perhaps addon to WoW? As I understand (it isn't released here yet), WoW has the potential to be a great sim with some modifications. Perhaps could SimHQ try to contact them for an interview/discussion - Tom Cofield - what do you say? I guess they would answer if such an established website as SimHQ contacts them.

Ideas of a sim can't be far off for the developer - they made HD and HD2 which are - if not simulations - at least not the usual WW2 shooter. I don't have the game yet, so I don't know what has to be changed myself, but it shouldn't be too difficult for the community to propose a sufficient list of changes (not setting the target too high I think). As already been said - it looks a bit like WoW started off as a sim and was transferred into an arcade game.

Just an idea.