Flyby1, here's what I make of the WoW planes. I'm pretty certain this is accurate but would appreciate other's views, especially on the "taube", which is mostly an Avaitik B2 with some Albatros C3 features methinks. My major source on German planes is the definitive Putnam but mine is a 1970 edition so may have been updated by more recent research

I haven't checked all the data listed in the Hangar but there are one or two inaccuracies even on a quick run through. not sure how best to abbreviate if the existing name represents a limit for each!


Fisch - Albatros D III
(late model with D V rudder and offset radiator but definitely a DIII airframe regardless of most of the paintjobs being for the D V)
Fisch R - Albatros Dr 1
(inaccurately uses the Albatros D III fuselage, the real one(s) used the more rounded D V)
Trout - Pfalz D III
(late model, early had guns buried in fuselage, but this is not the later D IIIa which had a rounded tailplane)
Whiff -Seimens-Schukert D III
(later appearance with balanced, D IV-style ailerons - thanks to FlyXwire for spotting this)
Eindecker 1 - Fokker E I
Eindecker 3 - Fokker E IV
(both have ailerons, should have wing warping, my info is that the twin-gun E IV had 160HP engine not 100HP)
Fafnir - Gotha G V
Fenris - Zeppelin Staaken R VI
(has inaccurate gun positions in upper wings above engine nacelles, earlier 3-engined Reisenflugzeuge did have nacelle gun positions but not poking through the wing tops, and not this model)
Taube - Avaitik B II
(this seems to be a mish-mash - uses the gunner-in-rear cockpit layout of the Albatros C III, and tail is similar, but the unequal-span wings are distinctively Aviatik B-type and fuselage-side radiators were replaced by centre-section one on most if not all C-types)
Otter - (Hansa) Brandenburg W 29
Dreidecker - Fokker Dr 1
Hawk - Fokker D VII
Parasol - Fokker D VIII
(designation was E V at first)
Walfisch - L.F.G. Roland C II

Scout - D.H.2
Gunbus - F.E.2B
(should have a 160 HP engine not 120)
Silverfish - Nieuport 17
Silverfish R - Nieuport Triplane
Dove - B.E.2e
(some home defence ones MAY have had a Lewis in that position??)
Spade - SPAD S.7
(inaccurate Lewis on centre section)
Hunchback - S.E.5a
Fighter - Bristol F.2b
(centre section Lewis possible but rare)
Camel - Sopwith Camel
Dolphin - Sopwith Dolphin
Tripane - Sopwith Triplane
Fatman - Handley Page 0/400
(has fictional tail gun position)
Militaire - Breguet 14
(side windows of Br.14B2 bomber but flap-less & bomb-rack-less lower wing of Br.14A2 recce?)
Felix - Felixstowe F.2a
Corporal - Caproni Ca33

When you soar into the air in a Sopwith scout
And you're scrapping with a Hun and your gun cuts out
Well, you stuff down your nose till your plugs fall out
'Cos you haven't got a hope in the morning!