I'm not sure I would classify myself has a hardcore simmer. I am building a very simple home cockpit for use primarily with FS2004, a sim which takes most of my gaming time. Perhaps that makes me somewhat hardcore. However, that would apply to FS2004 only. I really enjoy, or have enjoyed, the likes of IL-FB, BOB, Mig Alley, USAF, EAW, and RB3D. But I tend to approach those games with the view to quick fun-- I always start but rarely finish campaigns. I want the flight models to give an experience at least close to reality, I enioy the historical context, and I am fascinated by the continuing advancement in graphics. But in the end, when it comes to combat flight sims, I don't want a huge learning curve. I don't have the time to play games that require that much from me. So, a good-looking, somewhat historical, "easy" combat flightsim game with a good fun factor is often what I look for. I'm not yet sure about WoW, but it does appear to fit my criteria. I'd also be very interested in KoE should it ever appear.