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46 minutes ago
You know you're old when you realize Christina Ricci is now 42 years old....
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Hardware & Software - PC
1 hour ago
FWIW: For those preparing to buy a new AMD or Intel system in the next few months: QuoteCorsair Teases Next-Gen MP700 PCIe Gen 5 M.2 SSD, Up To 10,000 MB/s Read Speeds Corsair rates their MP700 PCIe Gen 5 M.2 SSD at 10,000 MB/s read and 9,500 MB/s write speeds (Sequentially). T...
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European Air War
1 hour ago
hi jel, many thanks for your effort i tried this mod Steam_OAW_2022V2 EAW1.2 it was very good mod to me and i am using EAW V1.26 but some aircrafts crashes the game when selecting them DAW +BF109FX2 palestine spitfiremk1X...
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European Air War
2 hours ago
where is the link please to download Aces over Europe Gold? the link here is broken...
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Community Hall
2 hours ago
1 movie -- we were invited. We go to movies and plays on rare occasions when relatives invite us. We get invites to more plays than movies (2 in the last year)....
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3 hours ago
Originally Posted by MarkGI wasn't going to do this, but I can't seem to un-stick this uplifting tune from my head... Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy (Official Music Video) ... That reminded me of something, and they are already kinda uplifted as well! ...
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Community Hall
9 hours ago
TT video
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Wings: Over The Reich
9 hours ago
Hey I'm excited too!...
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SAM Simulator
Yesterday at 08:02 PM
Unfortunately no, only through Amazon! Btw. Thanks for your kind words! ...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by RossUKI'll have to look into that.... Indeed he has. Two of em have done a couple of TV shows together involving flying....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by oldgrognardHave had a lot of challenges but haven’t been beaten yet. But somewhere is a Hellcat or new mid-engine Corvette that will put me down. Look out, performance is ever increasing in those super-quiet battery-powered abominations. ...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 07:21 PM
The movie sequel is off and rebooted because Amazon purchasing MGM f things up. I play one Tomb Raider game in 2012 on XBox at my friend's house. Got lost and quit....
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields - Mods
Yesterday at 06:31 PM
Lots of crickets in here, it seems! In any event, unlike previous versions, in which I was perhaps too eager to release an update once I was finished with the main work on the update, I have been much more patient this time around, doing additional testing (particularly in the...
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Outer Space & Science Fiction
Yesterday at 06:10 PM
"Paycheck" was decent and I don't much care for Ben Affleck. He was well suited for the movie, though. I have seen all the films in the list, but I was not able to finish "A Scanner Darkly." Too many drug references for me....
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Sim Racing - General
Yesterday at 02:47 PM
Fourth season came to a grinding halt as I won the first four races of the season and that will not do. So I started yet another My Team career, this one from the dungeon with no money and a factory and facilities that are essentially walls with a roof on it. Zero acclaim, zero ...
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IL-2: Great Battles
Yesterday at 02:19 PM
I've compared the current skin descriptions with those from an older game version and I can't find any differences. If you have noticed any changes, please post some examples....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 02:09 PM
I've watched the Foods, and cars series about what built America,,And enjoyed those and all the others..Watching " The cars that built the world" Fantasizing stuff and well presented ,The History Channel has a winner here..It's Mercedes/Benz now..Great to see the His...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 01:56 PM
Wonderful work (although you must be getting tired of hearing that repeatedly). Thank you all so much....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by Mr_Blastman Lazy developers or maybe there is a cheating mechanism where you can shoot a guy for having a card up his sleeve like old western films? This is the course I would expect to be appropriate in such circumstances, yes. But that's not the way here, ...
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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover
Yesterday at 11:22 AM
Hi All, This weekend, we find ourselves back on the ATAG server and fighting over the burning hot 1940 skies of SE England. Starting earlier this weekend, we hope that this time will work for European players that are generally unable to stay up later at night. The event wil...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 11:01 AM
I finally got to see Maverick last week... thought it was great, better than the original for me!...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by WangoTango He's getting away for the drugs and murder stories. I can definitely understand that. Between BB and BCS he put in more than 10 years of his life into that genre! I'll be curious to learn more about this new show of his....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by NoFlyBoyNever saw Perfect Storm but I got good sleep watching Poseidon. Yeah that film was a big mis-step. There was zero reason to remake that movie....
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European Air War
Yesterday at 09:14 AM
many thanks mr jelly for your care my resolution 1366x768 and my screenshot was taken from a mobile so it appears like that. the external view F9 in V1.28 the plane is shifted upwards (it even appears to your attached v.1.28 screenshot) and i should press U to make it center as V...
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RC & Scale Modeling
Yesterday at 08:52 AM
What amazing work; you are to be applauded sirrah! What, pray, is the German stubby job imaged below the fabric-less DVII? Looks like it was created by the design department at Fisher-Price! ...
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