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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Trooper117Q2 2024... At the end of the video it has the words, "the last 6 months of 2024" ??? I read in someone else's post in another forum that the in game video of the Typhoon in this announcement almost looked closer to the old MSCFS III or ...
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Tactical Simulations - General
1 hour ago
Yeah, it's just until you hit level 50 (or level 45 for those items that max out at 45) you are always going to find your gear outleveled eventually. So that's why I say to just use the best of what you find, so that the time, effort and materials aren't used for things that will...
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Community Hall
2 hours ago
One of my favorite things about this sort of game is the character build. I like playing the games too of course, but creating characters, and leveling them is a big part of the appeal for me. Not only attempting to make them as effective as possible, but to make a balanced party...
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Community Hall
3 hours ago
Are there any changes or requests you'd like to make? Settings, courses, formats or any of those sorts of things? I have to apologize that the last tournament used the same pin positions every day. I always set a different pin for each round. But when I was creating this event so...
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Community Hall
3 hours ago
Not that I'm aware of unless you consider something like Hearts of Iron but that is sandbox, and the nations might arrange themselves in any sort of way. War in the East is strictly focused on the war in Russia, with no other component, so it's in effect like things would be with...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 11:07 PM
A New Breed of Criminal (2023) A somewhat low budget British crime drama that's based on a true story....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by LiesteMushy peas are a different type of pea - a marrowfat pea, rather than the firmer 'garden pea' - it isn't a matter of overcooking them, they naturally have a 'fluffier' texture when cooked which breaks down more readily. & often eaten with vinegar...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 07:22 PM
since you people have issue with videos from sombreros e moon landing deniars, how about from your own border patrol ? check video 7,8,9 and 10...
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Modern Era
Yesterday at 06:17 PM
The installer ran on my Win10 gaming machine. When I get back to my computer I'll re-check what steps I took to get it to run....
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Sim Racing - General
Yesterday at 04:44 PM
Red Bull back at the top. McLaren and Fez looking good. Merc out of sorts, well Hamilton was. Lets see what free practice 3 brings....
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EAW 1.6+
Yesterday at 03:38 PM
When night missions became possible in EAW Knegel thought it was unreasonable to locate an enemy aircraft by pressing "T" given that they were harder to see. So he invented "night radar" for fairer play. If you click "T" and the target aircraft is o...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 03:23 PM
Added the acronym GRUJA to the Glossary to keep the Companion and story together. ...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 03:12 PM
I have no time to contemplate Richard’s flaming death until the fight breaks up and we fly to Harlebeke. Remembering his comments to Paul at Otto Schober’s funeral, I say to Antiope; “Well, he got what he asked for. One must be careful; the Parcae may be ...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 02:18 PM
This guy has used pretty much all HMD available. Here are a couple of his videos on the Varjo Aero and Big Screen Beyond, note the Aero video is 5 months old so some things have changed (the price and he's tried the Pimax Crystal since) but if you check his latest videos I believ...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by Bill_GrantMy favorite Meme on this says: Waitress: "Would you like to try Beyond Meat on your burger?" Customer: "I don't know. Do you take Monopoly Money as payment?" Awesome....
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by OvStachelI don't know... would be tough to top DCS in that area. I love WOFF for WWI because it is so deep in history, atmosphere, graphics and playability...and of course the insane campaign!! But for Jet to Jet combat, DCS is tops. There are also campa...
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Yesterday at 01:12 PM
The obligatory teaser with the adapted wall texture derived from the photograph: More to come! VonBeerhofen...
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Hardware & Software - PC
Yesterday at 12:56 PM
The reason I support AMD over Intel is still being litigated after many years. Basically, Intel paid PC makers and others "under the table" to use Intel CPUs and NOT USE AMD CPUs -- at a time when AMD had the "best" CPUs. That nearly put AMD out of business ...
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Wings: Over The Reich
Yesterday at 12:27 PM
Part of the Observer network - additional to the radar of course....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 12:06 PM
Absolutely fascinating video. Thanks for posting that F4U. "It costs the US government $970.00 for each 14 inch round fired". I used a handy online inflation calculator and found out that $970 in 1915 is $29,486 in 2023! ...
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Air Combat - General
Yesterday at 02:34 AM
F15 and F18 atm......
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Combat Air Patrol 2
Yesterday at 02:11 AM
Wow ,some hope after 5 plus years having payed into beta. I hope those who bought into it do not have to pay again because I refuse. The developer never once communicated with any of us despite dozens of emails and pleas for updates for years. Very disgruntled about how it went t...
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Falcon 4.0
Yesterday at 12:59 AM
There was a box? All we had here in our stores were shrink wrapped binders....
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Community Hall
09/21/23 09:46 PM
Basically, I play one game at a time. And, I normally wait until major updates are installed before starting a new game. I'm almost finished with Witcher 3 version 4.04. The Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update downloaded minutes ago. That may finally be the "inducement" to try...
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Wings: Over The Reich
09/21/23 06:00 PM
Hi, no you do not get the opportunity to join another squadron if French. RAF in some of the main squadrons can continue the fight. You could enlist in an RAF squadron with a French name of course....
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