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Hardware & Software - PC
46 minutes ago
Looks great...if you have a GPU capable of driving that number of pixels, you should be all set (and, of course, a system that's balanced reasonably well with a GPU that can drive 1440p...) Best of luck ...
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Sim Racing - General
1 hour ago
With the time trial leaderboards working again in AMS2, I hit up a bunch of tracks in the Formula Vintage cars over the weekend. Mostly driving the Gen 2. I hit Imola, Osterreichring, Nordschleife, Brands Hatch, Kyalami, Watkins Glen, Monza and probably a couple more. Stuck it in...
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ARMA Series
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by saghen. Maybe we'll get Meat to make an anti-Christmas mission as well. We can title the mission "Woke holidays". ...
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Community Hall
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by F4UDash4 Disappointing. I suspect "The World At War" will never be surpassed That UK 1970's production will never be surpassed in my opinion....
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Community Hall
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by BD-123Originally Posted by TarnsmanGuy Martin's Spitfire. Following his accent was a bit of a challenge, but the presentation was fantastic! Guy Martin's Spitfire Many fellow countrymen of his, especially us 'Southern Softies', watch his excellent progra...
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Hardware & Software - PC
4 hours ago
QuoteBrace For Impact: SSD & NAND Storage Prices Expected To Rise By 55% In 2024 The storage industry is expected to see a major increase in prices with some industry sources quoting as much as a 55% hike for SSD & NAND products. Companies like Samsung and SK Hynix have...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
9 hours ago
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 11:13 PM
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields - Technical Issues
Yesterday at 09:08 PM
Probably best to clean out, as per section 17 of the WOFF FAQ (see Support page on our web) then re-install, we don't support copy and paste install etc....
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Wings: Over The Reich
Yesterday at 09:05 PM
Strange issue, but sounds like a permissions on Windows or Anti Virus probably blocking WOFF.exe or its files. Check the AV logs, and exclude WOFF files. Also you may need to set WOFF.exe to run as an administrator in compatibility settings....
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SAM Simulator
Yesterday at 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by piston79Originally Posted by piston79Another SA-8 video: Nice optical camera... (seems like polish interface on camera)... More polish interface cameras... ...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 05:23 PM
Did this Bud light "swear jar" commercial play on TV with all the beep out words ...
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