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Wings: Over The Reich
1 minute ago
Hi Hmm, have no idea, sorry I am interested why you have those 2 touch screens though?...
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Community Hall
2 minutes ago
I know LB2 has been fixed to work with Win 10, what about LB1? And with 3Dfx emulation?...
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Community Hall
26 minutes ago
I don't order enough packages to justify Amazon Prime. I use Amazon Prime to get hard to find movies and TV programs I've missed. I don't like the way Amazon treat their employees in their fulfillment centers....
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 11:06 PM
Seb, congrats on the confirmed Quirks. Tommies will think twice before wandering into your area. You’re working Hans to the bone. Poor chap will have nightmares of repainting that hammer over and over. 24 February, 1917 09:00 Furnes, Flanders Sector RNAS-8 SC Tobias Chester Mu...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 10:59 PM
Someone commented of his steam rocket. It was steam that one seen coming from the back of the Me163....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 10:49 PM
Originally Posted by Raw KryptoniteThe Right Stuff, 3 hrs 13 minutes. Pretty sure that's gotta be the winner. Well worth it! I'll go all in: "Berlin Alexanderplatz" by Rainer Werrner Fassbinder. 15.5 hours, found limited theatrical releases in 1980....
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Yesterday at 10:35 PM
Looking back at mikew's post, I remembered that I'm also not a fan of Garth Brooks (remembering now that he did "Friends In Low Places" [1990]). Still better than the "Chattahoochee" song I guess, which you heard constantly if you were living in Atlanta, GA in...
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T.A.R.G.E.T. (Thrustmaster)
Yesterday at 10:08 PM
You could use REXEC to repeat counting up a variable every second. You can start and stop the REXEC using a key, but if you don't clear the time variable, it will continue to count up to 5 minutes or what ever you want. Code int timevar = 0; MapKey(&Joystick, S1, REXEC(...
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DCS World
Yesterday at 09:43 PM
Originally Posted by Flogger23m Still doesn't mean ED should develop a new plane and give it away to customers who bought a previous product a decade ago though Is that what they're doing? Scrapping the previous module and starting from scratch? I was under the impression with...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by PanzerMeyerI highly, highly recommend you give "Rogue One" a shot. It is a direct prequel to Episode IV and I am 99% confident that you will like it. Will do. Originally Posted by PanzerMeyerOriginally Posted by Mr_BlastmanAt least "Maximum O...
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Outer Space Simulation & Combat Games
Yesterday at 07:46 PM
Devlog 72... ...
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SAM Simulator
Yesterday at 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by Muggs Nice view of the operator panels from 33 seconds ...
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T.A.R.G.E.T. (Thrustmaster)
Yesterday at 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by SAPPERI have this issue with the Warthog. Unpluging and replugging my devices after reboot sets me good to go.True, but after some time of unplugging and replugging your precious device and you start feeling the socket is not so tight as it used to be, you st...
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European Air War
Yesterday at 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Rotton50Pics are visible. FWIW, it's time to upgrade those aircraft models. A little job for Moggy ...
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Yesterday at 06:49 PM
Finished with translation code both for website and installer, russian language added as example. If you are interested in adding your language - check instructions I have some ideas for further improvements, but I think it will be better to make a break so it will be tested well...
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Naval Simulations
Yesterday at 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by Mad MaxAny suggestions... Play it for a bit, then come back and write a review telling us what you think? Is this CMANO you are talking about or something else? ...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
Yesterday at 06:45 PM
A nice video Sir! Good graphics, a well rendered R66, good music. There is only one problem,... no guns! This heli needs some .50 cals hooked to each side of those landing rails. Yep, that's all she needs. S!Blade<><...
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Hardware & Software - PC
Yesterday at 06:34 PM
AMD RDNA-2 GPUs will support Ray Tracing. QuoteMicrosoft confirms Xbox Series X feature 12 Teraflops AMD RDNA 2 GPU The device will feature a Zen 2 custom processor with RDNA 2-based graphics unit. featuring RDNA GPU will also support hardware-accelerated DirectX raytracing T...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 06:25 PM
A patrol flight in a Sopwith Triplane during sunrise. The four machines in the sun on the second screenshot ended up being Albatros DIII's. ...
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Battle of Britain + Battle of Britain II
Yesterday at 04:23 PM
Y'all That's a beauty, MG, with all the latest toys and aids. Glad you're enjoying it! (Have certainly been enjoying my now two-year old car's rear camera, though still check things out the old way. Still believe mine looks like a Star Wars storm trooper at first glance. Not...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
Yesterday at 04:15 PM
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by TimothyCan careless, let me introduce you to a man few knew, but was great: +1...
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Outer Space & Science Fiction
Yesterday at 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by NoFlyBoyFound Charlotte in the new preview. She is at 00:20, 01:35, 02:15, 02:26. Don't know why I didn't see her the first time I watched it. You DO remember how the season 2 final episode ended right? That the "Charlotte" you see at the end is...
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European Air War
Yesterday at 10:41 AM
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields - Mods
Yesterday at 10:40 AM
Good day Gentleman Just a quick question regarding the effects with tracer mod. I had this mod working with JSME in WOFF PE v 5.03 but since updating to v 5.04 it seems to have stopped working. I ensured uninstalling all mods before updating from v 5.03 to v 5.04 & reinst...
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