Airfix 1:350 trafalgar class SSN

Posted By: Squid_DK

Airfix 1:350 trafalgar class SSN - 02/05/12 11:57 AM

Finished this little gem, fit is great no filler required at all, a bit of sanding due to the step created when assembling the hull (3 parts, 1 upper and two keel parts) but a file spinge a sanding spunge and a polishing sponge made that a short job.
It is great to sit and build as your two year old comes in and starts asking stuff about the model.
Enough words, let the images speak for themselves.

Hope you enjoy it.
Oh and as a side note, I hat thought about slapping in some 1:350 scale crewmembers, and omit a few masts and anrtannae, but just wanted to make a display with all erected.

Next project will be the USS Forrest Sherman DDG-98 (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA) destroyer, at least untill the mailman arrives with my USS Virginia, USS Independence and USS seawolf (the latter in 1:144)

Posted By: Patrocles

Re: Airfix 1:350 trafalgar class SSN - 02/05/12 02:52 PM

very nice work!!

350 scale? wow, the real sub is much larger than I thought.
edit...wiki says this class is generally 85m in length.

What are the grey squares at the bow? Some type of sonar array?
Posted By: Squid_DK

Re: Airfix 1:350 trafalgar class SSN - 02/05/12 04:21 PM

84,7 according to Janes I have a LA SSN on my shelf (not to pretty but good for size comparizon and the brit SSN is small that is for sure.

the squares are part of the bow array, part of the transducer system from what I have heard (not sure though as the Royal Navy are about as tight lipped as a nun in a cathouse.)
Also on the aft port horisontal stabilizer is the port and guide for the towed array, and on the sail front you can just make out the HF active collission array.
very well detailed model, but puny compared to the current build.

Posted By: valleyboy

Re: Airfix 1:350 trafalgar class SSN - 02/05/12 07:48 PM

Ive got the Airfix HMS Illustrious, so will probably look at getting Trafalgar at somepoint just to stick next to it.
Got to finish the carrier off first though!
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