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63 Tag: Luftwaffe after action reports 10th September - 09/10/10 05:10 PM


Flight, squadron:
Number of enemy aircraft:
Type of enemy aircraft:
Time attack was delivered:
Place attack was delivered:
Height of enemy:
Enemy casualties:
Our casualties:
General report:
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unfiled report
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Name: Hptm Hein Kill
Date: 10 Sept 1940
Flight, squadron: Stab EpG 210
Number of enemy aircraft: 6
Type of enemy aircraft: Blenheim
Time attack was delivered: 1230
Place attack was delivered: Dover
Height of enemy: 1000
Enemy casualties: 5
Our casualties: 0
General report:

With the bulk of our forces dedicated to large scale day and night terror raids on London, about which I have my own opinion, EpG 210 has been freed to conduct smaller raids on airfields to keep the RAF busy.

In the Stab staffel we are down to 3 serviceable aircraft, and today we took one airfield each. Fritz and I were allocated West Malling and we had an uneventful low level run in, dropped our bombs, made one strafing run and took off again before any fighters could be put on our track.

Fritz does not believe we destroyed anything of note at West Malling, but the raid will serve to keep them on their toes.

On the way home over Dover however it was a different story. We ran into a flock of Blenheims, returning from harrassing our invasion barges no doubt.

We caught them completely by surprise, and with a little height advantage, and caused a singularly pleasing amount of mayhem.

The final two Blenheims split each in their own direction, one for the coast, the other out to sea.

"Follow that one Hauptmann, the one going over the Channel," Fritz called. "At least he is taking us in the direction of home."

"Good thinking Fritz."

I broke in the direction of the enemy aircraft which was heading back out over the water. He was flying at his full speed, but it was like a bush pig trying to out run a Cheetah. He did however have a nasty little chin turret gunner who was very good and who put some shells right through my armoured front glass.

More than that, the angle at which he was firing meant some rounds punched also through my cockpit instrument panel and glass and pieces of metal sprayed against my legs.

I was out of MG FF and not inclined to get too much closer to that chin turret, so I gave him several bursts of MG from very long range. Eventually one of them sawed through his wingtip and he was done for.

We turned for home.

"Was that four, or five Fritz?"

"Five Herr Hauptmann! Two to you, and three to me!"

"What?! You did not hit a single Blenheim!"

"Ja. I did. I hit three."

"You did not!"

"Did so."

"Did not!"

"Prove it."

"You impudent drunken good for nothing...!!"

"May I remind you who has started going out with the base kommandeur's daughter?" Fritz said, "It is my word against yours."

I was seething inside, but I bit my tongue.

"Very well Fritz. So, that is how it is."

"Ja, Herr Hauptmann, it is, what it is."

"Ser gut Fritz. Of course you realise, this means war."

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