Installing SuperPak 4.0

Posted By: Essah

Installing SuperPak 4.0 - 09/07/11 10:24 PM

Attempting to install SuperPak 4.0

I did make a clean install and then applied patch 1.08us but then when trying to install SuperPak 4.0installer it succesfully installed most of it, but reading the details several files failed too with the reason being file mismatch. I then Attempted again trying both .exe files but no dice.

Any suggestions?

sure hope people still check this forum
Posted By: Panther

Re: Installing SuperPak 4.0 - 09/08/11 01:07 AM

Wow superpak 4.0 is fairly old. May I suggest either OF, FF, BMS 4, or AF depending on what you're wanting to achieve from F4.
Posted By: C3PO_1

Re: Installing SuperPak 4.0 - 12/27/11 08:27 PM

Now this thread takes me back cheers
Posted By: PEANUT11

Re: Installing SuperPak 4.0 - 03/14/12 10:42 AM

Gen Kalle,
are you still trying to install SP4 to your original Falcon4 sim ?
If you are, have you done the following changes.........

Note; After installing Falcon 4 from CD,and BEFORE installing patch; In the Falcon ZIP directory RENAME
the Tacrdata.zip file to Tacrdata_old,this will fix a bug in the 1.08 file; then RENAME back to original file name

Then go a head and in stall SP4.


Posted By: PEANUT11

Re: Installing SuperPak 4.0 - 03/15/12 03:18 AM

Gen Kalle...

After you have installed SP4 and renamed Tacrdata_old back to Tacrdata,you need to remove msvcrt.dll from the main directory,
then install SP4 and if you have it SP4.2 [don't install SP4.1 !!]

Posted By: Essah

Re: Installing SuperPak 4.0 - 03/15/12 04:17 PM

I'm playing BMS. I now understand that Super pack is really old. BMS is the place to go. Not sure why you would give instruction about Super Pak
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