Seasons Greetings

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Seasons Greetings - 12/22/11 04:00 AM

Posted By: Mike963

Re: Seasons Greetings - 12/22/11 11:34 AM

To Yankeeairpirate team, have a great holiday. wishing you all success for 2012. Look forward to your future products. Cheers beercheers
Posted By: NIELS

Re: Seasons Greetings - 12/23/11 01:06 AM

Ditto Mike963 - NIELS cheers
Posted By: heat2151

Re: Seasons Greetings - 12/23/11 02:40 AM

To my YAP2 Friends and your families,

May you all have, a Merry Christmas, a prosperous and safe new year.

On behalf of CINC House (My Wife), Department Heads (My Kids) and myself
Heat2151 & Family
USN Retired, 2008

Hey 8, how about having a F-14 dragging the new years banner. smile
Posted By: gillettejw

Re: Seasons Greetings - 12/23/11 01:31 PM

And a Merry Christmas from your resident FO. Here is a pic from the UAV guys when we were all in Iraq. UAVs are a great reason to keep up Flight Sim Skills!!

John Gillette
USA Retired 2008
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Re: Seasons Greetings - 12/23/11 06:20 PM

I'll see about that. cheers
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Re: Seasons Greetings - 12/23/11 06:21 PM

That is a great photo.
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