Core-Racing V8 Series and F1 updates ;)

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Core-Racing V8 Series and F1 updates ;) - 02/25/12 08:37 PM

Hello gentlemen, the other group i race with, well their V8 Supercar series starts off tomorrow, Sunday at 8:30pm UK time. The races kick off at Adelaide. both 2010 and 2011 cars are eligible to be entered and i will be practicing tonight, for anyone who wants to join just follow the information.

Enter the information here http://www.core-racing.co.uk/contact_us.php just say that Steve Hill has reccomended it to you, and you will be sent an account, explain in the message you are interested in running V8's aswell. and also say you run in SCES with me! smile

Heres the series info:

Race Schedule:
26th-Feb - Adelaide
11th-MAR - Albert Park, Melbourne
8th-APR - Eastern Creek, Laser
6th-MAY - Telstra, Sydney
3rd-JUN - Barbagallo, Perth
1st-JUL - Bathurst 90min Endurance Race and x4 Time (To equal real V8 Bathurst 1000k race length)
5th-AUG - Hidden Valley, Darwin
19th-AUG - Winton, Victoria
16th-SEP - Queensland
30th-SEP - Sandown, Victoria

Race Info:
8.30pm Quali 15mins
8.50pm Race 1 / 30mins duration
9.30pm Race 2 / Reversed grid 60mins (Mandatory Pit)

Server settings:
Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Wear: Normal
Damage: 80%
TC: off
ABS: off
Race Start (Game Time): 1pm
Time acceleration: None (Except Bathurst)

1st = 25
2nd = 18
3rd = 15
4th = 12
5th = 10
6th = 8
7th = 6
8th = 4
9th = 2
10th= 1
DNF = 0
NOTE: There will be an additional 5 point BONUS, for finishing each race!!!

Series Rules:
Car Usage Rule: The car you choose, is the one you use for this series, both 2010 & 2011 liveries can be used (but, no more than two duplicate cars for the series, if possible). It would help if everyone can put their preferred choice of car on their signup, final car choices will be confirmed one week prior to the start of the series. It'll be a first come basis for your car choice, when it comes to the selection deadline. Some people may not get the car livery they choose, but, you WILL get the same make as your choice. This may cause one or two duplicates, however, the make of car is more important than the livery, as far as driving them is concerned.

Teamspeak: Silence on teamspeak is essential for this series, chatting in practice and warm up is fine but you are expected to be on mute during the race unless there is something important and race related that must be said, eg. calling out another driver for punting you. Anything said should be short and to the point, do not enter into discussions, if there are disagreements just ignore them until after the race.

Pit Rules: Obey pit speed limits and red lights etc at all times.

Complaints: If you have a complaint about another driver send a pm or e-mail to admin after the race with full details of the incident and the rule violation.
Admin dealing with penalties are Darren Adams, Stephen Shadbolt, Graham Kerr and Mark Bolter if you have an incident with one of the admin then send your protest to one of the others, not the one you had the incident with (these incidents will be handled in the normal way as outlined in the Core Rules).

There is also the rule, of if you smash into someone as in punt them off, you have to do a drive through of the pits right away, slowing down for the guy caused issues so this was deemed as the best work around, some people crashed into the person slowing to let the guy they hit back through because of the type of tracks and stuff, so just do a drive through if you ram someone off
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/26/12 09:41 AM

I've applied and should be there for the season opener... March 11 will be crazy, not only should I be working that night, but there's SSTCC, Meganes in rF2 and then this... It'll be a big night if I manage it... Luckily it's my second least favourite track on the schedule...
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/26/12 04:47 PM

It will be awesome dude im just gonna load up and decide which car im running smile
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/27/12 04:56 AM

Well some awesome racing was had at Adelaide! I didn't have the best of starts in the sprint race but hey ho, anyway managed to battle my way through the order to a 7th place finish, was in a 3 way battle at one point. Heading down into the hairpin at the end of the back straight the guy in front of me pulled alongside the other guy, i made a bold and brave move down the right hand side of them both making it 3 wide, i went just a little too deep and ran out wide and they both got back past me.

Few laps later, Heikkenen on of the guys got loose exiting onto the back straight and he let me and Shadbolt the other guy go, it was i think 2 laps from the end i made my move, i got a great run out onto the back straight i was close so i dropped off a little to get a better run through the right hand kink, i nailed it, the speed i had was immense i drafted right up to him and muscled my way up the inside into the hairpin, going through the hairpin the back got loose and well i just whacked on the throttle and a load of counter lock and somehow held it and didnt lose any track time or indeed the position in fact it helped keep him from countering on the exit of the hairpin and 7th was mine. Pumbaa as far as i know had a quiet race and came home 4th.

The feature race, well, now this was interesting, reverse grid meaning i started 7th, (5 people didnt turn up for the race which was a shame), through the first few turns it was complete and utter chaos i couldn't see where i was and there was alot of bumping, so i hopped across the run off and let everyone hustle by and chose to set my own pace in the hour long feature race, i figured i would follow the leaders through the slower guys who started up front for the feature.

So i did, and sure enough i ended up back in a battle for 7th again with Shadbolt, he was ahead yet again, well i did get past him again unfortunatly a guy called Bolter had made a late stop and he was rapid, he caught and passed Shadbolt and my tyres which were now shredded as i had used a hell of alot of the fresh rubber catching and passing Shadbolt, i had no way of defending myself from his onslaught, anyway i had a bad exit onto the back straight and he got past just before the kink, i however i had a good run through there and with it being the last lap i decided to do a do or die move up the inside, unfortunatly i went to deep, and as i was gonna run out wide Shadbolt got into the side of me and it straightened my car and i went into the wall on the exit of the hairpin losing my front bumper, i also dropped another place to Shadbolt who caught and passed me whilst i turned around, but still i came home in the points as i was a lap ahead of the guy behind after shadbolt.

So overall a thoroughly enjoyable race! with just a couple of driver errors of my own smile these V8's are a hell of a blast, round 2 is Albert Park Melbourne i say bring it on! biggrin
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/27/12 09:53 AM

Sounds like a lotta fun. Well done Steve! smile
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/27/12 03:24 PM

i'll do a vid of my race highlights smile sprint and feature smile
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/27/12 05:45 PM

It was a lot of fun DB...

I wasn't happy with the set I had going, but a set up Steve was given was even worse on tyre wear than mine, so I kept making slight changes to try and get the most out of it... If I can do a better job for Melbourne I might be able to tackle the fast guys there...

Qualy went better than expected and I was 0.3s up on my previous PB and ended up 4th on the grid... But I was still some 1.2s off the best time I had seen set, and 0.4s off of pole...

I got a great start in the Sprint race, only to have the guy in 2nd miss the start thanks to not hearing the beeps, and I had to avoid him pushing me back to third going through the Senna chicane... I knew I didn't have the pace of the leaders, so I tried to keep my pace steady and stay in front of the 2nd place qualifier, who was charging hard trying to find a way past... I started looking too much in my mirrors and began making little mistakes, and he was all over me, and on 1 lap made a move into the hairpin, but he over cooked it and I got back through... Only to make a bigger mistake and let him through easily... From then on in it was a matter of survival for me as I had no chance of catching the 3 ahead of me, and the gap behind was already 9 seconds, so I decided to just keep that gap constant and make the races end...

For some reason the final changes that worked for me didn't save, even though I saved it to a new file name before the start of the sprint race, and I didn't realise until the timer for the race had started... So the start of the feature reverse grid race was a frantic challenge to get the set up similar to what I had before... I made it and again had a decent start and got past Steve in the run down to the Senna chicane.... I planned on trying to make my way through the field faster than the fast guys and was making a good go of it until a mistake by a driver 2 spots ahead of me caused a bottle neck just after the Senna S a few laps in... Thus allowing one of the fast guys through, and then a mistake by me let the pole sitter and first race winner through... I was at this point that I realised that I got the tyre pressures wrong and had rear temp issues, thus making my job of making up for lost ground even harder... I spent the next 10 laps catching up on the guys in front and then making a mistake and having to do it all over again... After making a adjustment during the one and only pit stop I was able to get myself back up to 6th and hold it... The guy in 5th made a mistake going through the sweeper and had to pit again, gifting me 5th... I then made the goal of keeping on the lead lap as the leading pack hunted me down, I ran wide into through the final 2 turns, and lost just enough time so that on the final lap I had to let the leaders past as they were less then 2 seconds apart and I didn't want to get in the way of a good fight...

So 2 top 5 finishes was the result... Loving racing this mod again... I'll be trying to keep myself up for the Melbourne race, but I'll be trying to make sure my schedule is a lot easier on me for the rest of the season... It all depends on what my next contract is...
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/27/12 05:56 PM

yeah cheers for coming out and racing Pumbaa know your busy and all but overall some great racing and the season is sure to be fantastic!
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/27/12 06:00 PM

Originally Posted By: mr_hill
yeah cheers for coming out and racing Pumbaa know your busy and all but overall some great racing and the season is sure to be fantastic!

Timing worked in my favour for this race... So far I've had 2 days off, which is just great lol... only another 3 weeks on the contract, then it's time to find a new one... Joys... lol... But at least I'll be able to have more fun in the simulated world wink
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/29/12 04:48 AM

Here's a video from the sprint race

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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/29/12 01:29 PM

Whey my bold 3 wide move made the highlights shame it didn't come off though frown still mightily proud of the move to get past Shadbolt in the hairpin eventually smile
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/29/12 02:15 PM

They missed on me and Heinz's move through that hairpin as well.. He went up the inside, over shot it by just enough for me to throw it back up the inside and be in front before the double left.. great fun...
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/29/12 02:29 PM

i tell ya if the racing continues like this for the rest of the season, it will be one to remember!
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/29/12 02:45 PM

Originally Posted By: mr_hill
i tell ya if the racing continues like this for the rest of the season, it will be one to remember!

Yeah I just hope I can make it for them... I'm hoping to get a hospital job soon, as they are pretty easy, only the occasion nutjob to deal with, which is better than thousands of them lol...
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/29/12 02:47 PM

Yeah hope you get that sorted dude! cant be missing out on possibly the most enjoyable cars to race now wink
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 02/29/12 06:24 PM

Same dude, I'm thinking about jumping into a few of their GT3 races as well... Hockenheim and Zolder will be a struggle that's for sure... Right after the SCES race lol...
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/01/12 03:52 AM

lol yeah, i've signed up for that so not only will i be doing 2 hours or so of SCES i will also be then hopping over into them, problem is the setups on the GT3's is such a friggin pain to get right, cos they oversteer like a #%&*$# or you get cronic understeer lol
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/01/12 05:02 AM

It's Hockenheim, so depending on the version I'd be looking at the Viper Lambo or something else that has a lot of grunt...
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/01/12 05:37 PM

Race 2 highlights... Some great moves were made in this reverse grid race, as well as plenty of mistakes by me lol...

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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/01/12 05:55 PM

and plenty of mistakes by me aswell lol
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/09/12 12:54 AM

Awesome stuff! Love the V8 Supercar series, makes me want to get back into sim racing. driving
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/09/12 01:38 AM

You should dude! the more the merrier! biggrin
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/16/12 05:09 AM

Well, as my commitments now start to get on top of me, the blog has again been pushed back.

For a few reasons of course but the main one being my Full season replica of Formula 1, i have a drive with Ferrari in the series alongside Andreas Nilsson, who may be familiar to you as he competes in the FSR series with the likes of Bono Huis etc.

Anyway before i go rambling into the F1's i had another stonking couple of races in the V8's claiming my best finish of the season from an unlikely beginning.

Race 1 was great fun, but i was off the pace and claimed a solid 6th place (well i think it was 6th) i managed to eek out fuel just enough to make the end without stopping, raw pace i was way off, so my only hope was to keep a steady consistant pace, which i did, i began short shifting though to conserve fuel knowing if i pulled my strategy off i would gain a few places through the stops.
This duly became clear that the others were not gonna make it without stopping, well a few at least, so i just kept going and with one lap to go i had leaped into 6th place through strategy alone. I crossed the line with 1 litre left in the tank. I thought that would be my hightest finish of the season so far, still with the feature race to go.

How wrong i was. I started 5th on the grid in reverse order for the feature race, and thus i risked starting on the harder compound seeing as softs had worn out by the end of the first race which was half the distance of the feature. I made a big error in doing this, although i had a blinding start and jumped to 3rd off the start i was lapping way off the pace and on lap 3 i pitted after slipping to second last. I topped up the few laps of fuel i had used and bolted on the softer compound, now firmly at the rear by a huge distance i had nothing to lose. I was going to have to stop again that was certain, but i would be stopped after everyone else and i would have more than enough fuel to not have to fuel save and fresher rubber. So i ploughed on.

Picking up the pace almost immediatly i started to reel in the 2 slower guys in front, just clocking in lap after lap getting more and more confident. I picked them off and knuckled down, if i was to have any chance i would need to leap these 2 through the stops, so i needed to build as bigger margin as i could, bearing in mind, these 2 guys had stopped already i was on it, low fuel, just all go. I was lucky to even be in front of them i thought.

I did what was required and easily easily had a gap over them after my stop, i though could now go on a rampage to the end with fresh softs and a full tank to boot which would leave me excess fuel i knew if i could put in some PB's and just do what Whincup did at Adelaide and do a qualy stint i could gain some places. I was running 7th.

So i switched the HUD to see the gap to the 3 guys in front, nearly half a minute to the guy in front, and about 45 to the guy 3 places up in 4th. I thought well that is it, but no, they all were in fuel saving mode, and would be for the rest of the race to eek out the fuel to do a 1 stop so i blitzed it. I rapidly reeled them, sometimes by 2 seconds through 1 sector alone. Before i knew it i could see my arch rival of the series Shadbolt up ahead and stepped on it, i was catching him but equally he was catching Bell. Shadbolt made it past and in that time i had gained a position from someone in the pits who couldnt make it without stopping, so i was 6th. Bell was struggling i dunno if his tyres were shot or if he was having to ultra fuel save but i got a huge run on him into the hairpin, but i went to deep and he got back past, i then had an epic run on him though through the sweeping chicane (where Glock has his huge accident that year in the toyota) and dive for the inside through the kink, he was a little unfair however and pushed me on the grass on the inside there.

But i held my nerve and got by and went back across onto the driving line for a better run through the corner, i knew that he would be desperate to hold position so he dived back up the inside but went deep, i had set him up perfectly for that and cut back down the inside and made it stick easily as he went off at the next corner desperatly trying to keep up. I claimed 5th and that also meant i am now sitting 5th overall in the series biggrin

You can see my move on Bell towards the end of this race, im in the Jim Bean V8 car! definatly one of my finest moves! (also see my impressive save around 2 minutes 40)

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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/19/12 05:20 AM

Well update time.

So Qualy was seperated into 2 sessions, Practice 4 being used as an all out Session for all drivers on the grid, this would sort out positions 11 and below, with proper Qualy being a top 10 shootout.

I Set about qualy and struggled to find my original pre-season pace, but finally nailed a lap good enough for 8th overall, a 1:25.8

So i would be in final Qualy, this would be run on a race setup and on your race tyre compound, though fuel was able to be low much to my relief. I elected to dismiss the Super-Softs i had used to get through Q1 but also avoid the slippery Medium compound and go with the Softs, by my calculations they should of managed 18 laps just about in the race so i went with them.

To my surprise i actually bettered my Q1 time and set a lap of a 1:25.4 which ended up being good enough for 5th on the grid!

So the race rapidly came around and we got on the grid, there was a little confusion as the formation lap hadn't been put in it turned out so it was all guns blazing off the start. i had a shoddy start and found myself 10th by turn 1, but eventually picked up places courtesy of people being over enthusiastic on cold brakes and tyres and i soon found myself running 8th.

Time progressed and eventually i was running 6th again, but i kept making silly errors here and there, i was running with some minor front left suspension damage as it was through contact early on somewhere, but it didn't affect my pace much if at all.

To my surprise my tyres weren't bad at all and i actually somehow made them last 20 laps before pitting, during the pits i had another set of Softs whacked on (as we have to stay on the compound we elect at the start) and went out for my 2nd stint, i just kept belting in laps, something happened up front somewhere and i inherited 5th from a retiree.

So there i was, 2nd stop i pitted on lap 39 of 58, another set of softs which would get me to the end. As i came out though my horror was i had been beaten out by Kevin Bogden, so i set about catching him, unfortunatly even though iwas with him another silly error dropped me back. I knew i had the pace though so i was reeling him in and had got the gap back down to about 5 seconds when he made an error at Turn 3 and i saw him beached out near the wall, i inherited 5th place again and that is where i ended up.

A solid opening race, with the absence of my team mate Andreas Nilsson i think i did a very good job. Though i was disappointed at how many errors i had made which inevitably cost me a ent 4th place, of which i had battled with and closed to within 9 seconds at the end, but despite these negatives, i have learnt an awful lot about the race pace of my car and the tyre wear on softs.

I feel im in a much stronger position for my attack on Malaysia this weekend, where i shall have my team mate with me and we can get our constructors assault underway.
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/19/12 06:08 AM

Which series/mod are you running in F1, Mr Hill?
Posted By: Pumbaa666

Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/19/12 06:11 AM

Sounds like you pulled off a Alonso style Melbourne race, only without starting that far back wink

Also you do realise Mr Bean's first name isn't Jim :P
Posted By: mr_hill

Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/19/12 06:26 AM

FSR 2011 mod (might be 2012 mod as soon) on the FSR tracks, we have a few drivers from the actual FSR series running with us, i fully suspect Andreas Nilsson my team mate to be right up there as he runs along the likes of Bono Huis and Atze Kerkhof etc
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/21/12 06:10 AM

Well on my way to securing 5th place here in this vid, my fastest lap from in race, only a 1:27.192 but by this point my tyres were dieing as this is lap 52 of 58 i believe, so yeah and i got minor front left suspension damage in turn 1 and turn 3 after a couple of knocks with a Red Bull

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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/25/12 10:08 PM

Wow what a race, a frickin difficult qualy saw me only get into Q2 by vurtue of a last gasp personal best qualy lap which scraped me by less than a tenth!

Q2 i held my own and set a lap good enough for 9th.

So come race, we did the formation lap, i had a mighty formation lap got some mega heat into both brakes and tyres and we lined up. Launch control i engaged and waited for the off. However the guy in front of me jumped the start on the 2nd light, and in a desperate attempt to not get a penalty he REVERSED!!!!!! back into his box just as the lights went green and with me right behind him aswell i was going forward he was coming back towards me! i dont know how but i avoided him by mere cm's maybe even milimeters!! i almost crapped myself, the guys behind werent so fortunate and crashed into him, meaning they hobbled around to the pits. I held 9th as i lost a position to someone, but on lap 3 i think it was maybe 2 i made a driver error in turn 1 and turn 4 spinning, i was now last of the okay condition cars in 16th place, i thought #%&*$# it my race is done for now.

I held my own though set my own pace and reeled in 15th-11th in no time, i had a nice dice for a while for 11th before eventually getting, i assume someone ahead made a mistake and pitted cos he was suddenly just up ahead and entering the pits so i inherited 10th. From there i set about a charge for 9th.

I reeled him in and did him through the stops and then there was the 1 stopping Bogden, i got ahead of him through the first stops (he had a drive through so was coming back through the field) i managed to eek out a gap of 21 seconds, a whole pit stop in it, i came out from my last stop was just about 1 second in front of him with him breathing down my neck. By this point however i had inherited 8th by some saving grace and just thought to myself i am not being done in by a 1 stopping Bogden and nailed in 10 laps all personal bests! i was also the last car across the line 1 lap down and on my own, it felt good to avoid being lapped a second time. I wonder where i would of been without the early problems because i more than matched the guys in 5th again!

My team mate Andreas Nilsson claimed 2nd place. This now means i am 4th in the drivers standings and Andreas is 5th biggrin
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/26/12 12:52 PM

Still dont know how i avoided this guy at the start, unbelievable! biggrin

Posted By: LugnutUSA

Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 03/26/12 01:22 PM

Don't be shy. Lightning fast reflexes and incredible racing instinct. You can admit it.
Posted By: Pumbaa666

Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 04/08/12 10:30 PM

V8 races at Eastern Creek were today about an hour after the Skodas...

Well race 1 wasn't what I had planned, I had much more pace in the practice sessions I had done leading up to the race and started mid pack as a result of failing to match my earlier times... Made one of my classic standing starts and was 2nd last at the end of lap 1... I pushed hard to get by the 2 in front of me, while Steve pushed 2 hard to stay in front of them and ended up in the kitty litter at one point before suffering connection issues and dropping out... I was struggling to get by the 2 in front of me even though they were a second or two slower than my pace was, so I started pushing them a bit until a mistake in turn 1 saw the guy behind me try a move into T2 but he over cooked it and almost took the 2 guys I was battling with out as well... Luckily they both missed him and because they had slowed up for him left a gap on the inside and through I was... A couple of other people were kind to me as well having offs in front of me making my recovery job easier... Then in 7th I was hounding down 6th while he was catching 7th who was struggling on his tyres... After a few lap battle I managed to make a move stick... I was in 6th now with a 9 second gap to Sheppard in front of me and then closed that gap within 3 laps because his tyres were shot. I tried a move on the inside at the right hander before the final 2 rights we rubbed doors all the way on to the straight and I think I hooked onto his front right and which gave me a huge oversteer moment, almost caught it but I think Sheppard tapped me again sending me into the grass... He did a drive through so no real harm done, but Andy got back past me leaving me 6th...

2nd race, the 60 minute reverse grid race, saw another crap start by me but I managed to only lose 3 spots and make one of those back... I think I was 5th by the end of lap one and for the next 4 laps made my way up to 2nd... Then I had Darren Adams on my tail so I pushed for 1st from Thirsk... Got him through the final turn and tried to gap him before DA got past... Which was only one lap... Managed to keep DA behind me for a few laps but a mistake through T1 saw him through into T2... I tried sticking with him but couldn't really managed it... Then Bolter was behind me trying to get through, I was holding him off pretty well until another mistake through T1 saw us go side by side through 2 and 3, he ran a little wide in 3 which caused him to lose a spot to Heinz... I then kept Heinz behind me until lap 19 which was also my pit lap and came in and kept my position in front of Bolter, but lost a spot to the other Adams, Carl... Sitting 4th behind the 3 fast guys I knew I wouldn't catch them, but I also knew I had a battle with Bolter on my hands, until he served his drive through for speeding in the pits... Then I just consolidated 4th and just kept the tyres as fresh as possible... With a handful of laps to go Carl had a disco promoting me to 3rd...

After losing a 2nd in the Skodas I'll take 3rd and my first CORE podium...
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/06/12 10:56 PM

More V8 Supercar races were today, and I had some damned good fun around Homebush... Not the greatest track in the world, but it's a street circuit with some interesting corners mixed in with some chicanes and rollercoaster braking zones...

here's a onboard so those who don't know the track get a idea...

Got on the server with 15 minutes to spare before qualy and noted I was just under 2 seconds off the pace from my practice earlier in the day and the rest of the field were matching that my times... Managed to find 0.8 of the missing time and qualified 4th... And after the 30 minute race that's where I remained...

The reverse grid 60 minute second race though gave me a opportunity... I got a ripper start and was 3rd coming out of T1, pushed hard to get into second and did so through the rollercoaster... I had 4 seconds to make up to the leader, over drove the car for a couple of laps and made nothing on him, while the guy in third made enough mistakes for me to have a 3 second gap behind... I kept pushing and reeled in first after 5 or so laps, he made a mistake coming out of chicane and I put my car up the inside of the sweeper to take first... I had 8 seconds on DA at this point and if Shepard had of continued I would of had a nice buffer come pit stop time... That wasn't to be as he suffered a suspension related problem and was out with 7 laps before my stop was due... DA narrowed it down to under 2 seconds before stopping a lap before me, and when I came out of the pits he flashed by into the lead... I kept my head down determined not to lose to much time to him, and to keep the 15 seconds barrier I had over Heinz... I ended up right in the middle of them with 10 seconds either side as I crossed the line 2nd...

My best result in the series to date and on merit with no disco's like last time, just a hard fought and deserved podium...
Posted By: Darren_Blythe

Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/07/12 10:20 PM

Awesome. Sounds like a fantastic race and you really earned that second place! Looks like a real serious track too! Great job Pumbaa but a real shame Steve had even more bad luck nope . Thanks for the updates guys - i do read 'em all even if i don't always reply. thumbsup
Posted By: mr_hill

Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/08/12 12:53 AM

I didnt run, forgot with all the trouble i had with rfactor i hadnt redownloaded the mod and stuff and just couldnt be bothered and didnt have enough time to either, will be running in the F1 there though this weekend, trying to keep my challenge for the top 4 going, hoping i dont miss out on some vital points there cos i reckon come seasons end every point will be vital for my cause!
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/08/12 12:56 AM

Also for anyone interested, next season i plan on having a team but require a team mate to take the fight to the big guns in the series, im just short of them and so far with my team mate in the Ferrari only showing for 1 race the teams standings are pretty much useless for me!
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/15/12 11:13 AM

Originally Posted By: Darren_Blythe
Awesome. Sounds like a fantastic race and you really earned that second place! Looks like a real serious track too! Great job Pumbaa but a real shame Steve had even more bad luck nope . Thanks for the updates guys - i do read 'em all even if i don't always reply. thumbsup

Damned serious little street track...

here's the videos... wink

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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/27/12 11:13 PM

Wow what a race!!!! 3rd place!!!!!!!

Qualied 9th, stayed out of trouble got up to 5th via retirements, then followed Steve Gamble around for a while and started closing just before he stopped for stop 1, i was 1 stopping so i knew i had him nailed, and rocketed off in 4th, ended up being a minute ahead from Gamble in 4th but just 23 seconds off of 3rd, then with 5 laps left i was crossing the finish line and Thirsk was exiting the pits, nailed him through turn 1, just, and held him off, i did drive mega defensive and i think i pissed him off a bit but he gave me a whack in the second last corner, trying to dive bomb around the outside into Rascasse, thankfully managed to save it, not to much damage from the wall and he also went wide into the wall and i managed to get across the line 3rd, man those last 5 laps were like 10 million races all in one!!!

Literally those last 5 laps were the only time i actually was racing properly against anyone, the rest of the race i was alone, apart from a fleeting glimpse of Steve Gee's Jordan the lap he pitted, and i was one of 3 drivers to not make a mistake and keep it out the wall, well until i was pushed into it at the end!


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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/28/12 06:14 AM

Good run, Mr Hill....congrats on the podium. Gotta tip my hat to you on the strategy of a one-stopper. I knew when you went past L30 and were still out it was going to be rough for me to catch you. I ended up losing the rear through the Swimming Pool chicane and decided since I had 5th well in hand, I would just settle in until the end.

I came up on Tom after he bobbled and tried to push him as much as I could to see if he'd make another mistake or not. I know you're fighting for a Top 5 for the season and with all the retirements, figured another place would help you if I could pressure him into another incident. When he pitted in front of me, I knew you'd have a chance to catch him.

My Top 5 moved me up into 10th overall...I figure with missing the first 2 races, that's not all that bad. That DNF at Barcelona's could hurt me overall, but there's still a long ways to go.

It only took about a hour for the feeling to come back into my ass and legs afterwards...damn that place and 78 laps!
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/28/12 08:24 AM

I miss racing at Monaco
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 05/28/12 02:28 PM

Cheers Steve, much appreciated pressuring him certainly has brought it in close at the top now smile We should maybe team up next season? wink

and yeah took a while for my legs to become usable again, were like jelly after that! smile onto Montreal!!! and also good to see you now in the top 10 biggrin
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Re: Core-Racing V8 Series - 07/10/12 09:20 PM

Action from the last round:

I had an awful start and went backwards, then had a spin, then had a front left puncture, then a spin and loss of front wing, then a semi spin before rescueing 9th, a really really tough race!
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