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HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) Aircraft Carrier.
by CG2015
01:29 AM
Falcon 3.0 Where did you go?
by Yomo
11:47 PM
81 Years looking for the Loch Ness monster
by Desert Eagle
08:32 PM
Interesting movie theater history facts.
by CG2015
10:56 AM
How many of you still buy albums?
by PanzerMeyer
07:02 AM
Ottawa photos to ~1970
by KraziKanuK
06:36 AM
How do you call a race when one of the horses is called Arrr ?
by Ajay
06:02 AM
So i taught my daughter to shave, and she fell off her bike..
by Ajay
04:56 AM
Airspace visualized.
by Desert Eagle
04/19/15 09:32 PM
Big Boy, 4-8-8-4
by Li'lJugs
04/19/15 08:58 PM

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