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AI for the win
by Crane Hunter
25 minutes 32 seconds ago
Unity Adam Demo - Full Film
by Desert Eagle
Today at 03:00 PM
Article about an AI being developed with the USAF for their simulators
by Scott Elson
Today at 11:04 AM
The 4th of July and Jupiter and NASA
by Li'lJugs
Today at 06:10 AM
Cessna pulling banner crash lands in Detroit
by LB4LB
Yesterday at 10:07 PM
by Jayhawk
Yesterday at 04:51 PM
Bud Spencer dead
by Jayhawk
Yesterday at 04:48 PM
Someone failed math
by KraziKanuK
Yesterday at 12:39 PM
by PanzerMeyer
Yesterday at 08:39 AM
Swastika Trail
by Linebacker
06/26/16 11:02 PM

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