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Man mocks alligators, jumps in water and gets killed by one.
by Desert Eagle
Yesterday at 01:14 PM
Let's not forget that this man saved the world on the 4th of July.
by Desert Eagle
Yesterday at 01:06 PM
4th of July, Asbury Park, NJ
by Jayhawk
Yesterday at 12:46 PM
4th of July.... also...
by Magnum
Yesterday at 12:35 PM
"Blank" the Alligator!"
by Smokin_Hole
Yesterday at 10:45 AM
So I came home from Malta, went out with my boys, met a great girl...
by RSColonel_131st
Yesterday at 09:26 AM
Tim Burton's Superman film with Nicolas Cage
by Desert Eagle
Yesterday at 05:36 AM
Happy July 4th Everyone. Happy 239th Birthday United States!
by CG2015
Yesterday at 05:25 AM
German authorities seize tank, other WWII weapons in raid
by Desert Eagle
Yesterday at 05:24 AM
Bombing the pool
by Desert Eagle
Yesterday at 05:13 AM

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