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Some people only see what they want to see.

Oh the irony winkngrin

The saltiness in this forum is absolutely hilarious biggrin

More to the point,this thread is not nearly as salty as this post .....

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never mind, this is not worth my time.

Back to being a browser and not a poster

pity salt ridden member's do not stay true to their word.

Here are a few more 'salty' examples from that same thread

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Haha... nice try Krupi. I'm waiting to see what you have to say regarding my response to your posts. I'm hoping the delay is just you formulating your reply and not avoiding it altogether.

I mean seriously what kind of response is that, I don't have anything to formulate I have said my piece.

No need to be so confrontational

or another salt ridden post that holds no merit other than salt

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I have to say the attitude on these forums in regards to DCS stinks...

I have been banned from the forum a few times from heat of the moment stuff, aggravating? Yes incredibly so however if I am honest a lot of the post I got banned for did go against the rules, of course when people are so passionate about something then of course there will be times things get a bit personal and I do wish they were still a bit more lenient.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that all the banned posters now come over here to vent creating an incredibly toxic atmosphere... so much so that I have pretty much abandoned SimHQ for anything to do with DCS so now only check out the cockpit threads. The angry, sanctimonious dare I say (almost to the point of conspiracy theory, this is going to be al jazeera's latest story ;)), posts I have seen made here do make me think that perhaps the DCS forums are a better place without these people.

End of the day has Sithspawn & Co pissed in my cornflakes, yes a few times, however if I am 100% honest here in retrospects 80% of these times I deserved 24 hour ban to cool down simply because I am guilty of breaking this law... "venting when done in a mature, constructive manner"

Now I am sure some of you guys are going to break that law in your reply to me, however that law doesn't appear to apply here so go ahead... I have said my piece though I doubt anybody will really take much heed of it.

P.S. Before he started his "Witch hunt" as some of you seen to describe it I had spoken with Sithspawn quite a lot and he come off as a nice chap. I wish the mods would send a personal message before they got the ban hammer out, however I imagine that there is a lot of fires going on and a personal approach might not be so easy especially with repeat offenders.

the salt doesn't stop in the DCS forums.....salty posts are in every thread, not just DCS. Tell me i'm wrong?

.some other crap

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I really wouldn't take the moaning on the forums as a 100% realistic view of the game the AI has being improved the game for me at least.

we know it's salty when the admin moderates the post

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ADMIN EDIT: Keep the personal attacks out.

that's just a couple of the salty posts outside of the thread


posted for relevance defining salty posts.