Time once again for DBond's annual Premier League Review (previous installments may have gone unpublished)

Hats off to City. I may not care for them and their oil-soaked ways. But a record points haul means they are far and away the class of the division. They played the best football, and after October, it was never in doubt. Did anyone really think United could catch them?

United. 2nd is a fantastic achievement, especially considering they play such uninspired football. But numbers matter, pictures do not. So well done to them, and I hope they struggle to 8th next season.

Spurs. Good season, but you are left feeling they've gone back a step. I feel like this was their apogee, and I sense an implosion. And I lost all respect I had for Harry Kane over the claimed goal he was awarded. He never touched that ball. And even if he did, who does that and takes it away from a teammate? I'd say I also lost respect for the FA for actually awarding this phantom goal to Kane, but I didn't have any to lose.

Liverpool. I mean come on! What a fantastic season. Yeah, their defense was horrible most of the season, and they've work to do. But man are they exciting going forward. They buttoned it up some after VVD's arrival, and they are in the freakin' Champion's League Final. I mean, pinch me. I don't know if they will win or lose in Kiev, and I give them a chance, but it's the best season the Reds have had in like forever, and to do it playing such thrilling football was just fantastic. Another top center back and a world-class keeper and I think this Liverpool side are pushing for a title. Sue me.

Chelsea. Aww, you almost had it. Nice knowing you Conte.

Arsenal. Yeah, I don't care either. But are they about to pull a Leeds? biggrin

Burnley. Wut? Burnley are in Europe. Wut?

Everton finished 8th? How is that even possible? Surely they played like a 14th placed side. But yeah, I looked and they're 8th. Shocking. Big Sam is going to put this on the cover sheet of his resume when he's showing it around come July.

Leicester. No one thought they'd repeat their title. But since then, they've been Everton. Disappointing. And Vardy is what, 34 now?

Newcastle. Rafa Benitez is by far Newcastle's best asset. If Toon could somehow be rid of Ashley, AND keep Rafa, they'd be on their way.

Palace. Uncle Woy. OK, so I got this wrong and had to eat my eye patch. Still can't believe it, but if anyone needs any more proof that Pardew is a terrible manager, then here it is.

Bournemouth. You know, I seem to have a soft spot for this side. They just continue to overachieve. It all looked like the fairy tale would end in September, but they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and survived comfortably. Eddie Howe is probably the best English manager at the moment. They continue to defy the odds, and long may it continue.

I'm no fan of David Moyes. I was when he was with the Toffees, but since then he has just struck me as past it. But West Ham stay up, and looked better after he arrived. He clearly had a positive effect on Arnautovic who looked a different player. Another season in the PL at least, but I sense boardroom turmoil next season.

Watford. Were they in the PL this year? hardly noticed.

Brighton, Huddersfield and Southampton. These sides should all thank their lucky stars they will be drinking from the top-flight fountain and it's oodles of cash for at least one more year. The first two, yeah, but Southampton? It all looked so promising 3 years ago. But then they sold everyone, twice and now look at 'em. Well, they'll start level on points for first anyway.

Swansea. (See Southampton, one year on) Bah. Three seasons ago this club were lauded as the way to run a mid-level team. Attractive football, plucky results, profit, promise. That's all gone to **** now hasn't it?

Stoke City. Oh, where's Tony Pulis when you actually need him?

West Brom. I also seem to have some sort of affinity with West Midlands clubs, not sure why. I'm betting on a bounce up for them next year. I think they have the right manager now, if only it had come a few months earlier.

And that's the season in review. Tune in next year in case I remember to do it again

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