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#4409969 - 03/10/18 07:40 PM The Long Dark, anyone?  
Joined: Jan 2006
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Mr_Blastman Online content
Mr_Blastman  Online Content

Joined: Jan 2006
Posts: 2,392
Atlanta, GA
So I got The Long Dark through the Humble Monthly several months ago, and I played it for a little bit before deciding that it was perfect for playing with my eight year old daughter to begin to teach her the basics of survival in the wild. We're apart right now, so we play it through Skype due to my wife's severe illness, and make the best with what we have. I work in the city while they live away and visit whenever I can afford to make the journey and stay for a few days at a time, as the bulk of our money goes to doctors. Anyways, back to the game...

Today my daughter and I survived several wolf attacks and managed to eat one of them. We even came out unscathed from one encounter. I consider ourselves extremely lucky, as I've been mauled to death by them before. As it happens, the one wolf we ate was one we had fended off a couple of days earlier. The meat was moldy, frozen and stale, but the air of victory was strong and meat tasted sweet, prey eating hunter. Satisfaction was great.

Later, we finally made it up a mountain to a second outpost we had been dreaming of visiting for weeks. Long it had lingered across the valley through our frosty cabin windows, long it teased us high upon its perch. Long the wolves circled and roamed between us, howling and growling, threatening to disembowel us whenever we approached.

Today that changed. The wolves ran after seeing two of their own wrecked by our bladed hands. It cost us bandages, antiseptic and a healthy dose of painkillers, and even had to use our last adrenaline syringe at one point after we strayed too far off course one late night.

Regardless, we made it. And the outpost was in ruins. Shambles. Torn asunder as if a bomb had exploded. And then we saw the crows. Black beating wings circling above. Circlers of death, as we had learned earlier. Beneath their shadows we found the sullen, frozen corpse of a frozen man. T-shirt and an energy bar. Poor sod, never had a chance. Not even the icicle tresses clutching to his brows were worth taking. Several paces away we found a large trunk--the only stout survivor of the decrepit scene.

Inside we found a climbing rope.

A climbing rope? Does that mean we can climb now?

I don't know. We simply wish to survive this hell-beating winter, demon's cold breath on our backs without end.

Sometime before that we had broken some ice, and fished, and had rabbit. But tonight, we had wolf. Savory victory, and it sure as hell beat the same old tough stringy dear we'd eaten for weeks before.

Twenty-one days so far. When will it end? Not anytime soon, not as long as Lilly and Daddy are on the prowl. We'll conquer this winter, somehow.

We love this game--highly recommended. If you've never tried it, you should.

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#4409978 - 03/10/18 10:14 PM Re: The Long Dark, anyone? [Re: Mr_Blastman]  
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CBSKentucky Offline
CBSKentucky  Offline

Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 467
Yes, I play it regularly - an absolutely superb game.

#4409980 - 03/10/18 10:41 PM Re: The Long Dark, anyone? [Re: Mr_Blastman]  
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Sokol1 Offline
Senior Member
Sokol1  Offline
Senior Member

Joined: Nov 2001
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A climbing rope? Does that mean we can climb now?

In fact you can climb down with this rope, when find a "bread" shaped rock for attach the rope. In places you can climb already are a rope installed.

I think for your younger daughter the History Mode - the first part is a kind of tutorial, will be a good fun.

BTW - I have 1000+ hours in TLD. smile

#4410022 - 03/11/18 08:07 AM Re: The Long Dark, anyone? [Re: Mr_Blastman]  
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Weasel_Keeper Offline
SimHQ Forums Manager
Weasel_Keeper  Offline
SimHQ Forums Manager

Joined: Jun 2001
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Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
I don't play, but have a buddy who's been playing through the beta and he talks about it all of the time.

Last update from him was that he'd survived for 144 in game days on whatever medium hard option there is. Said he had so much inventory and tools that he was going out to look for fights with wolves or bears because he was so well stocked up.

A few days ago he told me he f'd up and got greedy trying to carry too much meat from a kill...and died...which reset him back to zero!

"Cave Putorium!"
SoWW #2485
Beware the Weasel
#4410391 - 03/13/18 06:38 PM Re: The Long Dark, anyone? [Re: Mr_Blastman]  
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Coot Offline
Moody Pilgrim
Coot  Offline
Moody Pilgrim

Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 9,878
Its a great game with great art and atmosphere. I last left off searching the old hydro dam.

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