Dovetail Games has released it's follow-up to TSW CSX with Great Western Express which models a portion of the line between London Paddington and Reading (approx. 38 miles). You can learn to drive a HST, along with another passenger diesel, as well as a freight train-- no steam as yet. DTG have taken a lot of stick over the release of CSX and in some quarters a lot of stick for the release of GWR for a variety of reasons-- no tools, dodgy physics, dodgy graphical issues with gauges/meters etc. This is only the second train sim that I'm aware of that models cold & dark starts and the sophisticated inner workings of the control cab of a train and DTG have been patching as they learn of the problems (not sure who their playtesters were but that's for another day). There have been complaints about the graphics but I'm pleasantly surprised that my venerable 760 renders this offering (and CSX) so well even at lower settings. I also like the fact you can walk around and interact with the environment in both. I'm still not confident running the CSX locos, and have just done the initial introductory training to the GWR HST, and will be most likely overshooting station platforms soon! I will say that, as usual, your mileage may vary. I enjoyed DTGs Trainsim 20XX despite it's warts, and so am hopeful that their IP of TSW will gather steam (pun intended).

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