Any sci-fi nuts here remember Supreme Commander? And if so, still have the desire to play it?

If so, you're in luck!

I have long considered Supreme Commander the pinnacle of real time strategy gaming. Sure, StarCraft is and was awesome(the first game), but Supreme Commander takes it further with a level of strategic complexity unmatched in any RTS since. And it has pew pew robots--science fiction galore. smile

I discovered a month ago it still lives, with a thriving online community and a user built client to replace the original GPGNet that the game shipped with. Folks are playing games all the time, with stats, replays, ladders, map sharing and more built into the client. I was amazed how easy it was to set up and it is actively being developed, still, with enhancements and tweaks to both the game and the client itself.

Would you like to know more? wink

Click above to learn.

I'd love to play some of y'all sometime if you're up for it. I play Free For All style games exclusively, winner takes all, kinda like Risk. No teams, no shenanigans, no stacked decks, just four to eight players, themselves alone against the world.

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