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#4335445 - 02/08/17 09:52 AM Re: Skinning Tutorial [Re: Rick_Rawlings]  
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Coningsby, Lincs, UK
Originally Posted By: Rick_Rawlings
User Submitted Skin Pack

Can be obtained at the Wings Over Flanders Fields website

1. All rights to the original artworks are retained by OBD software.
2. DO NOT contact OBD software with any questions or issues regarding this pack. This is user generated software and will not be supported by the creators of Wings Over Flanders Fields.
3. This pack may only be distributed with the included readme texts and only in a non-commercial manner.

To utilize this pack, please unzip the skins to the following directory:

Computer >Local Disk (C:) >OBDSoftware> WOFF> OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields > campaigns > CampaignData > skins

You will see the new skins in your folder:

Contributers are: Aris Fuser (A), Banjoman (BJM), Burning Beard (BB), carrick58 (c58), Manitouguy (M), maxpeck (MP), Nietzsche (N), Olham (O), RAF Louvert (L or Lou), Rick Rawlings (RR), Robert Wiggins (RW)

To remove them at any time, simply type Joe Doe in the search bar in the upper right hand of the Window you are in and delete all files that show up:


You can view each paint submission using a .dds viewer like Irfan View found here:


You can see from the picture below that while the N17 and N23 are the same, the N24 is different and cant be covered with a simple file name change.

Skins for the Albatros D.III (early) can also be used for the Albatros D.III
or the Albatros D.III OAW, if the user changes the file name like this:
Off_Alb_DIII_early_t_Jasta 2 1917_Joe_Doe
Off_Alb_DIII_t_Jasta 2 1917_Joe_Doe
Off_Alb_DIII_OAW_t_Jasta 2 1917_Joe_Doe

Same goes for the Albatros D.V (early version with the hunchback), and the
Albatros D.V (uprated)

off_Alb_DV_later_Ace_t_Jasta 5 1917_Joe_Doe
off_Alb_DV_Ace_t_Jasta 5 1917_Joe_Doe

(Thanks to Olham for Albatros submissions!)

So find the name of the skin that you want to change to in the skins folder and use that naming convention.

This is the list of compatible planes that I know of:

Albatros D.III Early, DIII, DIII OAW
Albatros DV, DV later, DVa
Airco DH2, DH2 mid
Fokker EI, EII, EIII oddly, the EIV Rudder is moved, a little clever cut and pasting would make it work
Halberstadt DII, DIII is the DIII in the game or is that a typo?
Nieuport 11, 16
Nieuport 17, 17 Lewis, 23
Nieuport 17 bis, 24 look close enough to work, the rudder is a tiny bit different. 27 matches 24
SE5, SE5a, SE5a viper
SPAD VII and XIII are close; you may be able to get away with it


Sometimes the skin will not show the first time you try to load it (or the second or the third!) It seems WOFF can be a bit finicky about displaying new skins and needs some coaxing. Here are some tips:

1. Exit the QC screen back to WOFF shell, alt-tab out, rename the skin in the skins folder, go back into WOFF shell, re-enter the QC screen, re-select the skin and then launch.
2. Do the same above, but in the main WOFF screen, select a pilot from the other side of the conflict and start one QC, exit back to the shell, switch to your regular pilot and try running it again.
3. Pol suggests maybe deleting the .bdp for the QC1 aircraft before you start as a last resort.

Now on the User Mods Page:

RAF 'old and bold' (27 years)

User Mods download page:

Alienware Aurora R5
Windows 10 64 bit
Intel i7-6700K 4.2Ghz (liquid cooled)
Two GTX 1080 Foundations in SLI (8 Gig each)
32 Gig DDR4 2133Mhz
1TB SSD boot drive - 1TB SATA storage drive
5.1 Surround Sound
34" Dell Ultra Sharp U3415W (3440x 2440)
CH Pro-Pedals, Stick and Throttle
TrackIR-5 Pro
#4335695 - 02/09/17 06:45 AM Re: Skinning Tutorial [Re: Rick_Rawlings]  
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B.O.C. Challenger

Joined: Mar 2011
Posts: 2,170
Thanks, Sandbagger, Good form! salute

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