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Hi guys,

A new update for WOFF ULTIMATE EDITION is available on the website. This update takes it to Version 4.21
WOFF UE update page

Remember to disable/uninstall any mods before running the update,
and you may need to disable your AntiVirus before and during installation

19 October 2018
Version 4.21 4241

1) Ground Object Collisions Revised: The hardness of the ground object that the aircraft is colliding with is now taken into account together with the speed of impact.


25 September 2018
Version 4.20 4241

1) Fixed an issue with the WOFF Key Bindings software (introduced in V4.19) that prevented it from reading the WOFF install path correctly
This could cause a runtime error.

2) Bonus Feature: Pressing the Escape or Space key now terminates the opening splash smile

17 September 2018
Version 4.19 4241

1) Improved the WOFF Key Bindings to work with VKB Joystick hardware (and clones such as Ravcore Javelin).
The tool also includes other improvements such as handling badly calibrated joysticks better, and has ability to bind more axis as per WOTR Function Bindings tool.

05 August 2018
Version 4.18 4241

1) Allow new sequence of order numbers to be entered and validated after install, or re-install.

3 October 2017
Version 4.17 4241

1) Reduced AI and Gun sound levels

2) Incorporated Bucksnort’s bombs redux (corrects the differences between bomb mass and damage)

2 October 2017
Version 4.16 4241

Includes new features and fixes;

1) Issue with Balloon Kills that sometimes were not credited should now be resolved

2) Fokker DVIIF model fix - (broken ribs were showing even with no damage).

3) Fixed a database issue with MFJ I and SK Saschenburg causing missions to fail on 1 Oct 1916 and 31 Jan 1917 respectively.

4) Fixed an issue with Ace Tripe skins not showing correctly. RNAS-1 now look resplendent smile Provided you have installed the free skins pack - see Store page to get that if you have not.

Fixed issue with Gotha and Nieuport 12 models - flight members were using same skin as player.

Improved AI craft engine sound rendering. Also front gun sounds should now be heard and use spacial sounds.

Improved flags for Germany in campaign menus and mission brief.

10 April 2017
Version 4.15 4241

1) Since 16 Bit Render Depth is no longer available on Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems (support removed by Microsoft),
WOFF now defaults to 32bit mode on Win 8 and Win 10. Normally most users won’t see any problem anyway but this is cleaner.

2) DH5 Aircraft fix – the propeller was sometimes not seen in Cockpit view.

3) Incorporates Buckeye Bob's latest Historical weather database updates (6th April 2017)

4) Fixed some unit data errors in a few facilities.

17 March 2017
Version 4.14 4241

(yes there is no 4.13)

Includes new features and fixes;

1) Weather stats now reports the correct mode of weather and associated stats.
2) Fixed a bug whereby switching between Historical Weather and Auto Weather could sometimes render seemingly persistent Auto Weather of rain/heavy clouds.
3) Fixed some issues with the DH4 flying wires
4) Added wheel contact fixes for most of the aircraft to help them sit closer to the ground. Many thanks to Panama Red for these fixes.
5) Included Historical Weather fixes and improvements by BuckEyeBob (many thanks).

6) New Feature: Added Latest DirectX9 shaders from AnKor for WOFF.
This adds Headshake movements for G forces during manoeuvres, and also adds “mouse look” options and mouse zoom functions to WOFF.

Mouse Look Instructions: When flying, press the right mouse button , now moving your mouse can let you look around, and the scroll wheel will zoom in and out. Press right button again to disable the mouse look/zoom and use as a normal mouse pointer.

If you have Naturalpoint’s TrackIR or other headtracking you can still use the zoom function as above, simply look around using TrackIR without moving the mouse, then right mouse click to use the wheel on the mouse only to zoom in and out.

The D3D8.ini file in … \WOFF\WOFFScenery\Shaders directory will be updated with new settings as shown below.
You can also change the behaviour or disable the mouse look completely by editing that file in a text editor (make a backup first).
Note their default values will be applied if a setting is missing.
new settings in d3d8.ini;
;Offset and Rotation Spring controls how much the view resists the acceleration, lower values make the view deviate from forward/center more and return slower.

;Sort of "anti-damping". Higher values will make the view shake more and respond to smaller changes in speed.

;Controls zoom increment/decrement steps. Valid values from 1 to 50 - 20 is the default value for WOFF.

;Smooth zoom speed. Zoom still changes step-wise, but transition between steps is smooth. Range of values 0 to 10. Set to 0 to disable smooth zoom.

;Range 0 to 10. Value of 0 disables mouse look entirely.

; Set to 0 to disable acceleration effects.

; Time in seconds before mouse look automatically returns to centered view.

UPDATE: 28th March 2017;
We also added a small optional update for the weather fixes and update from BuckeyeBob.
It's optional, and you will need to manually install (see website). It's not vital so don't worry if you don't want to install it's fine. Hopefully it will be in another patch at some point..
It just fixes some extra poor weather in Nov/Dec 1916 and a few small tweaks.

(4.13 was not released)

This patch of course also includes all of the following;

4 January 2017
Version 4.12 4241

1) Fixed a bug in Easy Claims mode whereby excess claims to actual craft shot down would be approved - note if an excessive claim is now made you will not be awarded anything!

3 December 2016
Version 4.11 4241

1) Pressing Space bar or Esc key in the claim form would cause the manager to crash - fixed.
(seemingly due to a Windows update, nothing we have done wink )

..and of course includes all of these;

1 December 2016
Version 4.10 4241

1) Revised DM so aircraft feel less flyable with wings missing (oh dear more deaths)
2) Further improvements to Spad contact points.
3) Bristol Fighter 2 Seater fixed wing tip seen on lower LODS.
4) Aircraft fix: Caudron G.4 fixed texture mapping on center wing section.

29 November 2016
Version 4.09 4241

1) Fixed a bug where sometimes Flights were not always provided with correct armaments.
2) Added a new USA fighter squadron - 22nd!
3) Updated 19 French Squadrons.
4) Campaign Dialogue box changed to include a vertical scrollbar to accommodate for long daily briefings.
5) Updated Town Factory facilities (RAF Louvert thank you)
6) French Airfields Azelot, Ravenel, Cachy and Villers en Lieu now included in 1916 - 1918 Periods
7) Aircraft fixes: BE2c, BE2c early, BE2c HD, BE12, BE12 HD. Fixes to reduce excessive blue reflection in certain places on wings with high reflectivity settings. Also lowered the gear so it sits better on the ground. SPAD VII, XIII - Lowered gear.

Includes all the previous of course;

23 November 2016
Version 4.08 4241

1) Wingbreak sound now fixed. When wings depart you will now hear the fact, although the spinning down to your death usually gives it away.

2) Aircraft Model Fixes:
Sopwith Pup � fixed emitter location sounds for Wing rip.
Se5a - top left wing upper surface had a glitch � fixed.
Se5a Viper - fixed DM of left wing tip
Bristol Scout - improved Lewis gun (gun handle) as seen by the player in Virtual Cockpit
Albatros DIII, DIII early, DIII OAW, DV, DV later, DVa, DVa200. Gear DM changes.

3) Small reduction in player flight cruise speed to help players ability to keep up in mixed aircraft type flights when he is not leader

Also includes all these previous patches;

21 November 2016
Version 4.07 4241
1) Players will no longer have their Order Numbers erased when setting Workshops to Default

16 November 2016
Version 4.06 4241

1) Minor fix for multiscreen users.
2) Revised Data Logging.

8 November 2016
Version 4.05 4241

1) Fokker EI and some other craft were not always presented in the claims list despite still flying at that time - fixed.
2) Credits Interviews now play as intended.
3) Loading Splash screen is now shown for those with a black screen showing before the loading screen was shown. �On slower machines you may also see this on returning to the WOFF menu to indicate something is happening.
4) All Albatros aircraft were sitting too high off the ground, fixed. Fokker DR1 also fixed.

27 October 2016
Version 4.04 4241

1) ViewUI.xml will no longer be written every time WOFFUE. So now custom F5 dial settings will be retained.
Note on installing this patch and running WOFF for the first time afterwards, the viewui.xml (i.e. for F5 dials view and other views) will be set to default. If you then move your F5 dials etc, afterwards the settings will be retained.

26 October 2016
Version 4.03 4241

1) Added two more Regional Air Activity settings in workshops for players with better PCs.
Note: Increasing this setting will increase the number of flights in the players region, but it will also cost PC performance and so lower your FPS (frames per second), especially in time acceleration mode.
2) Fixed an issue with the Float View that had the players aircraft too low in the view

25 October 2016
Version 4.02 4241

1) Fixed an issue with the Observer's cockpit gun in the DH4 aircraft.
2) Fixed an issue whereby multi-monitor systems were not being detected properly
3) Multi monitor users can now select WOFFUE to appear on left or centre screen
4) QC formation pop up windows should now centralize correctly on widescreen monitors and multi monitor setups
5) Miscellaneous facility and building fixes

20 October 2016
Version 4.01 4241

1) Fixed an issue whereby Historical Weather would sometimes set up no rain for light and medium precipitation.
2) Fixed an error in the 1916 global layer - a town facility was not represented by a damaged type to suit the land class.
3) Fixed the main menu screen to correct for DPI settings greater than 100

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