New update - July 7, 2016

1) Indication of the reasons when quick battle cannot start and errors when reading the player profile
2) Clearing of all quick battle settings, right-click on a category: paths, triggers, placement or groups - removes all items in this group
3) Replacing platoons in quick battle settings is done in 1 step, without having to remove previous ones
4) Small changes in actions of AI recon groups
5) Changed effects of the covert movement modifier (it has effect only on path selection)
6) Added an ability to put any commands into a queue (while holding Shift)
7) Ambush, covert action and AI control icons
8) Infantry behavior in different situations
9) User guide
10) Fixed a bug with blocked firing on external target designation
11) Fixed a bug with soldiers animation switching to lying mode when running and walking
12) Fixed excessive transparency of map markers when viewed from a great height

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