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#4223359 - 01/30/16 09:04 AM help on HOLD event in TARGET
JEFX Offline
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Hi all

I am relatively new to the TARGET software and I cannot porgram properly a HOLD event.
I am jusing it with BMS 4.33. When I map a joystick button to do a PULSE event (such as '0' for 'orbit view') everything works fine. But when I try to emulate a continuous press of a key, which I tought reading the manual should be done with a HOLD event), such as closing the speedbrakes with olding CTL-B, the CTL key seems to get stuck... I realized this because after that in Windows, when I clicked on an icon on my desktop, it copied it or selected another icon right next to it, or in the sim (BMS) when I hit the good old ESC key to exit, it would switch to windows (which is a CTL-ESC command)... Furthermore, I noticed, looking at my F-16 from outside that when I press the relevant button, it doesnt do the action only when I press but it continues non-stop (for example, I would press the 'close speedbrakes button' a little bit, and looking outside I can see that it closes it all the way, even after I have released the button... By the way, I tried to do a HOLD event for the Gun trigger and the same thing happens, I press just a little and it empties the whole stupid magazine...

Any advice would be very appreciated.
Thanks this is my first post here!


I am using W7/64, and the latest version of TARGET and TMWH drivers for use with BMS 4.33.

#4223542 - 01/30/16 07:46 PM Re: help on HOLD event in TARGET [Re: JEFX]
WileECoyote Offline

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Does it happen if you don't run BMS? ie, you load the profile and just press the buttons without the game running.

BMS is particularly erm... lets say "finicky" when it comes to pressing CTRL ALT or SHIFT... So I wouldn't discard that possibility.

Other than that, I don't see why it should be a problem. But then again, TARGET has its problems too. I have a couple Ctrl-Alt-Shift + X combinations that work 90% of the time, the other 10% they just fail to either press or release X. The only solution is to re-load the profile.

EDIT: And welcome to the forums!

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#4223937 - 01/31/16 10:35 PM Re: help on HOLD event in TARGET [Re: JEFX]
Aullido Offline

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Keys are hold by default


Will send "a" continuously as long as you press the button.

If you want better control use DOWN+ and UP+ modifiers (There work just like PULSE.) but take care because it is your responsibility to pair both actions, failing to UP a Key will keep it stuck.

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