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#4143618 - 07/06/15 07:38 PM Problem preventing "Paddle swich" to send DX4 on release!
Pelle_H Offline
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Im using the Paddle swich S4 as IO swich or shift swich, but I cannot make the editor in either IL2 1946 or BOS to accept pressing the paddle + a button or swich! I only get a "joy button 4" in return when releasing it! Is there a way to "blank out" the release command DX_4? I think I had the script working as intended years ago but I cannot figure out when and what changed!
Any help will be appreciated!

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#4143644 - 07/06/15 10:54 PM Re: Problem preventing "Paddle swich" to send DX4 on release! [Re: Pelle_H]
Aullido Offline

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Can you post a bit of your code?



In theory assigning 0 (zero) to a button will clear it.

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