As I've posted elsewhere, my Warthog throttle has been borked for awhile, and nothing I do (or TM support has suggested) has helped. My warranty is out, TM won't sell a new throttle separately, and I don't want to wait weeks and pay big bucks for repair. So I'll probably switch over to a CH throttle to go with my CH pedals.

In the meantime: I do want to get the most out of my Warthog joystick. It certainly cost enough. ;(

Rather than learn AutoHotKey to reprogram my mousewheel, on a lark I simply deleted from my in-game Il2 BoS settings the three default standalone assignments for my mousewheel. Then I assigned mousewheel to the throttle.

Works like a charm. Just FYI for anyone else out there ready to throw his Warthog throttle against a brick wall.
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