Using TARGET, I'm having trouble with this one for my Aces High config. I'm trying to do a couple things with one keypress of the CSD button.

I want to:

1. Disable my TrackIR with the F9 key, then
2. press and hold the Keypad 8 key for a locked forward view (saved as all the way forward and up so I can see over my dash), then
3. Enable TrackIR once again when the CSD button is released, going back to my normal TrackIR views.

I thought it would be simple enough but nothing seems to work (I'm close though). I can get the TIR to disable, and lock on to a forward view then re-enable my TIR when I release but my forward view only goes to my standard forward view (not all the way forward and up looking over the dash as I saved it).
I tried a few things but this is one.

Pulse F9(disable TIR) with Hold KP8(Forward View)
F9 Pulse

Hope someone can help out here,