I'm using a U2NXT Cougar + Warthog throttle running through Target.

Annoyingly, the stick has a small but noticeable deadzone of between 5 and 10mm on both axes, and I can't find anything in the software (either the GUI or script editor) which will let me reduce or eliminate it.

I did find reference to a 'hardware deadzone' setting for the Warthog (page 8 of the user manual pdf) but there's nothing similar for the Cougar.

What seems really strange is that if that setting is in the GUI for the Warthog stick, why is there no reference to it in the script editor docs? I use the scripts for my profiles anyway, and although the SCurve settings have no deadzones, the problem persists in all my profiles.

I'm guessing that because it's a slightly odd combination of hardware I'm not gonna have any luck finding a solution. However if anyone has any suggestions they'd be much appreciated.