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#3961405 - 06/02/14 08:06 AM EECH 1.15.2 update available *****
thealx Offline

Registered: 12/23/12
Posts: 1033
Loc: Syktyvkar, Russia
Install 1.15.2 patch only on EECH ver. 1.15.0 (with all components installed, include smokes!) or any 1.15.2RC.

* If you have any side mods installed please completely reinstall the game
* If you have 1.15.2RC4 installed follow these instructions, otherwise you will get "corrupted profile" error after game launch
* Install FIX5 patch only on EECH ver. 1.15.2, description at the bottom of page. It’s not included in 1.15.0 to 1.15.2 update.

EECH installation guide

1.15.0 to 1.15.2 patch direct download
1.15.0 to 1.15.2 patch mirror

EECH 1.15.2FIX5 patch direct download
EECH 1.15.2FIX5 patch mirror

Feel free to ask for help if you have some problems with installation.

If you found any issues in game process please report them at EECH issue tracker and 1.15 Bug Report Thread

Click to reveal.. (Source files of new models and textures)

These files are necessary to use if you making changes in models, scenes or textures. It's not relevant for models, but important for scenes and textures - after conversion from game files, valuable part of information (like structure and layers) will be lost.

DOWNLOAD: eech1152_models_textures.7z

Changes log


- New external models for Mi-24, Mi-17, Mi-6, CH-53, AH-1W, Ka-29;
- Model of CH-47 is improved and has new texture;
- Main rotor blades animation, accurate blades damage;
- Horizontal stabilizer of UH-60, AH-64, Mi-17, Mi-6, Mi-24 is animated;
- Rudder of Ka-50 and Ka-52 is animated (only player's helicopter);
- Tilt rotors of MV-22 are animated;
- New undercarriage animation mostly for all helicopters (except AH-64 and CH-3);
- New undercarriage animation system based on 3d scene sub-objects animation. To make it work like you want you just need to give proper names for undercarriage parts, make required animations for them and change values in suspension config file for this helicopter;
- Primitive suspension for AI controlled helicopters - wheels are align to ground surface, but if maximum or minimum limit of current gear is reached it doesn't works;
- Forest trees affected by fog;
- Specular glossiness for textured models;
- New detailed reflection images for different seasons;
- Tweaked smokes (by Zackin5);
- Water textures (by L_Viper);
- AH-1Z updates (by dfang);
- G-force head movement effects improved, visual vibrations added;
- Loadout textures (by civilian);
- New FLIR and LLTV/DTV screens;
- Green NightVision goggles for CIS;
- Rockets muzzle flash animation added;
- New configurable shells tracers;
- Smoke trail visual quality improved;
- Smoke and flame coloring improved;
- New animated ship wakes;
- Aircrafts ground/water collision effects;
- Particles clouds;
- HESCO barriers (by messyhead);
- US pilots camo skins (by SKIP2008);

User interface and gameplay

- New campaign start screen;
- Helicopter repairing and refueling progress bar;
- New EO screen symbology for Havoc, Hokum and Blackshark;
- Clickable fuel quantity button at weapon loading page;
- Additional campaigns - Cuba Libre, Cuba Libre 2, Border War (by ricnunes)
- US ATC voice pack (by LazerPotatoe)
- Troops insertion process optimized


- Additional type of collision points added – Stabilizer, Engine and Avionics. Cause corresponding damage;
- Additional points are added to helicopter objects;
- Position of collision points are calculating every frame, collision calculations of moving parts became more accurate;
- Collisions calculating precise increased – it's not cause false clashes, but works worse with very small objects;
- Collision of moving points (rotor blades) do not stop model but create dynamic force in opposite direction;
- Collision points of main rotors are moving automatically from damaged blade section to previous;
- Damaged undercarriage will still work but has less effectiveness;
- Additional undercarriage point types are added for CH-47 and Ka-29;
- Suspension configs moved to \common\data\suspension folder;
- Interaction of helicopter with water are added;
- Missing collision objects are added for Mi-28, Ka-52, AH-64D, AH-64A, AH1-Z, AH1-W, AH1-T, OH-58;
- Emergency landing counts if model on the ground and rotors not moving


- Tail rotor damage enabled;
- Severity of Main rotor/Tail rotor/Stabilizer/Main rotor blade damage is decreased, Engine damage – increased;
- Value of damage repairing delay is different every time;
- Damage can be taken both from land and other object collision. Amount of damage is depends on current velocity and angle to the surface;
- Hard landing can't cause damage by itself (except undercarriage). If suspension will not able to reduce speed to zero it will be damaged and collision of fixed fuselage points will be calculated;
- Water random damage is added – than longer helicopter staying on water surface than more damage it gets (except CH-47 and CH-53). Engines will be damaged immediately in case of any engine collision with water;
- Repairing cheat has time delay when difficult is HARD;
- Alternative helicopter destruction. Instead of replacing whole model only weapons and pilots are became invisible;
- All aircrafts has armor level (look GWUT file);
- Damage states for aircrafts - mortal damage (30% of damage level left), critical damage (5% of damage level left), smoke appears. damage level decreased about 1 point per second if damage state is mortal, about 8 points per second if damage state is critical (only AI);
- Critical damage state for vehicles (15% of damage level left), vehicle became inactive, damage level decreased about 2 points per second, smoke appears;
- Smooth calculations of armor thickness after weapon impact (both vehicles and aircrafts);

Flight model

- Suspension dynamics added for all helicopters;
- Arneh’s flight model became default;
- Reaction force decreased while tail rotor is damaged;
- Smooth damaged rotor vibrations;
- Sideway resistance of landed helicopter is increased;
- Additional cargo weight for supply missions (6000kg for heavy lift helis, 2000kg for medium lift)
- Alternative advanced flight model added;


- Opening of doors is separated for all cargo/assault helicopters;
- View control mod (field of view change by mouse wheel, EO control by POV buttons, AH64D EO targeting bug fixed, smooth mouse EO control etc);
- New EO gyro stabilization;
- Force feedback support;
- Improved external camera control by TIR;


- Weapon launch force added;
- Ballistic calculations fixed for unguided weapons, targeting mark added for RED's helis with default cockpit;
- Targeting mark added for some BLUE's helis while targeting with Hydra;
- Weapons symbolics fixed for Kiowa;
- Gatling rotating speed fixed;
- Flares and chaff auto launch delay decreased from 10 to 5 second (both for players and AI);
- Chaffs and flares quantity changed almost for all helicopters;
- Chaffs and Flares salvo size increased twice;
- Stinger missiles added for UH-60;
- Ataka missiles added for KA-29;
- Cannon pods added for MI-17;
- Hydra pods added for AH1T and AH1W, Stinger removed;
- 6 M2HB auto cannons and 2 M61A1 (CIWS) added for Tarawa;
- All weapons has separated damage and penetration capabilities;
- Hardball and AP effectiveness decreases with range;
- Explosion splash effectiveness non-linear and depends on type of warhead;
- New warhead types HEDP, MPSM, HEAA (shells with radio proximity fuze);
- Ballistic calculations precision greatly increased, artillery lost capability to use hight ballistic trajectory;
- Switchable weapon payload configs for helicopters with default cockpit;
- Dual-thrust rocket motors support, non-linear fuel consumption;
- All weapon types (include decoy, parachutes etc.) affected by wind;
- Missile guidance lost if no LOS (for active laser, radio command, wire guided weapons, only for players);
- Real time calculations of weapon's drag force;
- Guided weapons statistics ("guided-missiles-data.txt" file, for GWUT improvement)
- Sight systems target visual recognition range increased
- Hydra pods pitch automatically adjusting for Viper, Blackhawk and Kiowa


- Engage target priority depends on it's range
- Jet pilot's ejecting after being critically damaged (by magitek)
- Improved weapon filtering for aircrafts and vehicles
- Group of aircrafts will abort mission and return home if one of the members get mortal damage (main mission priority should be less than 5.0), after landing aircraft will be repaired
- Airplanes and jets movement improved (by magitek)
- Rearming of vehicle's weapon does not make other arms inactive

EECH.INI changes

new values for "high_lod_hack" string
new string "eo_models_quality"
new value for "flight_model" string
new string "max_smoke_time"
new string "smoke_optimization"
"render_tree_shadows" renamed in "render_shadows", new value appears
new string "forcefeedback"
new string "ffb_dynamics"
new string "ffb_vibrations"
new string "ffb_recoil"
new string "advanced_mfd"
new value for "camcom" string
new string "saves_copies"
new string "trees_fog"
new string "radio_msgs_noise"
new string "debug_show_damage"
new string "debug_damage_invulnerable"
new string "debug_log"
new strings "reverse_cyclic"
new string "cockpit_vibrations"
new string "flyby_timer_multiplier"
new string "cheats_on"
new string "blurred_rotor_blades"
"ui_sounds_muted" default value changed from 1 to 0
"user_invulnerable_time" default value changed from 5 to 1
"chaff_effectiveness" default value changed from 1.0 to 0.5
"flare_effectiveness" default value changed from 1.0 to 0.5
"night_light_level" default value changed from 1.0 to 0.8
"mfr" default value changed from 30 to 60
"russian_nvg_no_ir" default value changed from 0 to 1
"autosave" default value changed from 0 to 30
"comms_packet_data_size" default value increased from 512 to 640
*** ATTENTION: if comm server crashed right after client player logged into the game you should increase comms_packet_data_size value both for client and server ***

GWUT changes


new values "tracer_color", "tracer_fire_time", "final_weight", "flightpath_deviation",
"boost_power", "sustain_power", "sustain_time", "diameter", "detonation_radius", "rearming_time", "max_altitude"

removed "max_range_loal", "min_range_loal"


new value "armor_level"


new value "armor_level"

EXPLOS changes

new values "motion_vector_pitch" and "particle_generator_lifetime" for particles

SMOKES changes

"Wind affected" value became modifier

Known problems:

- Some collision problems – like going through small objects;
- Hellfire's LOAL trajectory doesn't work for client player (if he not locked on target)
- Ballistics calculation for client's weapons doesn't respect network delay, accuracy of calculations for projectiles and guided weapons greatly decreased
- M261 rockets doesn't work for client player
- CIWS less effective against weapons, launched by client player
- EO screen partially functional or non-functional at all when cockpit graphics disabled (Ctrl+F1)

FIX5 changes list:

Bugs fixed:

- Pilot/copilot hand visible wile in the Wideview mode (Hokum/Kiowa/Comanche)
- Nonlinear cyclic and pedals EECH.INI stings doesn't work
- Cockpit camera moving wile Player in the planner mode
- Player’s avionics damage doesn't saving before helicopter is unassigned
- Comanche’s stub wings appears after saved game was loaded, affects stealth factor calculation
- Conventional munitions weapon doesn't cause damage if munitions wasn't ejected
- Conventional munitions weapons doesn't work for Client
- Airborne helicopter's rotor RPM is zero after it was assign to player
- Illogical HUD names for Hellfires
- AI helicopters (include autopilot) has no velocity limit
- Unreadable axis names at controls config page (localized drivers)
- Collision point continues to create collision effects even if it doesn't move (main rotor blade etc.)


- EO visibility and recognition range increased (up to 9.5km)
- Player's priority value depends on difficulty level – for EASY difficult level AI helicopters will be engaged by enemy first, Player’s helicopter last
- Repair rotor blades after helicopter was unassigned from Player
- Masterserver connection indicator for session list page (green mark at top left corner)
- Client's weapon delay value using for ballistic calculations (Client side)
- Compensate Client's cannon rate of fire limit by increasing damage value (Server side)
- Comanche tail rotor collision point raise to avoid easy rotor damage.
- Dynamics forward velocity adjustments for most helicopters
- Main rotor overspeed damage threshold increased
- New way of stealth factor calculation (radar detection range multiplier) :
* Closed weapons bay (Comanche only) decrease stealth factor 40%
* Detached stub wings (Comanche and Kiowa Warrior) decrease stealth factor 35%
* Raised landing gears (helicopters with retractable gears) decrease stealth factor 10%
- EO tracking point position can be controlled by mouse while locked on ground point
- HMS possible (not guaranteed) recognition range of airborne targets increased.
- Blackhawk’s HMS recognition range increased from 2500 to 3000 meters
- “Previous target” button (Shift+NUM0) switched with “Previous designated target” button (Ctrl+NUM0)
- Sound notification appears after hover hold was interrupted by player's controls


Screenshot & Video Gallery » EECH (latest beta)
Screenshot & Video Gallery » EECH (1.15.2RC4)


Edited by thealx (12/30/14 04:33 AM)

#3961444 - 06/02/14 10:49 AM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
ricnunes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 12/17/01
Posts: 4563
Loc: Portugal
Thanks very much for your hard work thealx and for sharing it!

Downloading and installing it right now.

#3961472 - 06/02/14 12:09 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
Staniol Offline

Registered: 06/27/08
Posts: 767
Loc: Hungary
Amazing work.
Will download and install when I get home.
Thank you!
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#3961556 - 06/02/14 03:38 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
SKIP2008 Offline

Registered: 05/21/13
Posts: 325
Downloaded now, i can't wait to play with it. Many thanks for your hard work.

#3961629 - 06/02/14 06:14 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
HawkI Offline

Registered: 02/23/07
Posts: 261
Loc: England
That's an incredible amount of work! Thanks to all who have given their time and effort to this excellent project.
It's All Yellow. . .

#3961631 - 06/02/14 06:20 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
FireBird_[WINE] Offline

Registered: 06/10/05
Posts: 658
Yahoo! band

#3961640 - 06/02/14 06:33 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
Rafal1537 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/26/13
Posts: 48
Loc: Poland
How to run, I'm have error with running mod: "current player profile is corrupted"

#3961651 - 06/02/14 06:42 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
thealx Offline

Registered: 12/23/12
Posts: 1033
Loc: Syktyvkar, Russia
did you leave checked "clear user profile" before installation? if so, did you manually copied playersv.bin from previous version after installation? look for playersv.bin and players2.bin file in cohokum folder, if there are any - delete them.

Edited by thealx (06/02/14 06:43 PM)

#3961660 - 06/02/14 07:04 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
Rafal1537 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/26/13
Posts: 48
Loc: Poland
Originally Posted By: thealx
look for playersv.bin and players2.bin file in cohokum folder, if there are any - delete them.

Yes is deleted, but not worked continue

#3961664 - 06/02/14 07:19 PM Re: EECH 1.15.2 update available [Re: thealx]
thealx Offline

Registered: 12/23/12
Posts: 1033
Loc: Syktyvkar, Russia
is new playersv.bin file appears? you can try to put this one manually - maybe I will understand were problem is.

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